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Bob Dylans’ ‘Murder Most Foul’

From America’s greatest living poet, a low-key rumination on the meaning of November 22, 1963.

Dylan joins Robert Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Charles DeGaulle, Fidel Castro and a majority of Americans in believing JFK was killed by political enemies.

Or you can listen to the warbling of Chris Matthews.

Dylan illuminates two things brilliantly, I think:

  1. The culture of denial

What is the truth, and where did it go?

Ask Oswald and Ruby; they oughta know

‘Shut your mouth,’ said the wise old owl

Business is business, and it’s a murder most foul

2. The nature of the ambush

The day they blew out the brains of the king

Thousands were watching; no one saw a thing

It happened so quickly, so quick, by surprise

Right there in front of everyone’s eyes

Greatest magic trick ever under the sun

Perfectly executed, skillfully done

Wolfman, oh wolfman, oh wolfman howl

Rub-a-dub-dub, it’s a murder most foul

For complete lyrics to Murder Most Foul, click here.

5 thoughts on “Bob Dylans’ ‘Murder Most Foul’”

  1. Roger M Esterbrooks

    I grew up in Hibbing MN-his home town and was 2 years younger than him! Always felt JFK was killed by our own government!!! Dylan speaks the TRUTH!!!!

  2. Dialogue from Le Carres’s “Smiley’s People” between George Smiley and Toby Esterhase:

    Toby: “You’re old spy in a hurry, George, you used to say they were the worst kind.”
    Smiley: “Oh, they are, Toby, they are.”

    Dylan is our old spy still on night watch and I find a sense of urgency in his new song.

  3. Russell Tarby

    the correct punctuation should be
    Bob Dylan’s ‘Murder Most Foul’
    keep up the great work at jfkfacts.org, Jeff !

    Liverpool, NY

  4. robert e williamson jr

    Listen to Chris who?

    Leave it to Bob Dylan to say as no one else has. Great work.

    I’m still studying the Vol III of the BOPs history. Is Mr. Pfeiffer intending to edit his footnotes I wonder. I really don’t see him as being any more biased that he is honest. History for everyone besides the CIA of course should be an exercise in telling the truth.

    Starting page 70 the author recounts how NS adviser Gordon Gray was briefed by memo by a member of his staff Samuel E Belk of a “can’t lose situation for the U.S. with regards to getting a handle on Castro. It seems somewhat odd that this went no further than Gray. Was
    Grey a member of the CIA click or did they have something on him.

    Seems that many involved with BOPs simply wanted a military confrontation.

    I wonder how much money CIA was getting from the mafia in Cuba to protect their interests. We know at this time CIA was always looking for cash money.

    Did JFK suspect Dulles & Co. were trying to set him up so JFK turned the tables on them, by not falling for calling for air support.

    Thanks Jeff

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