Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware): Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents

President Trump’s tweet on JFK records is a welcome development but his language (“Subject to the receipt of further information…”) gives him the option of caving in to CIA and FBI pressure later this week.

If Trump does release all of the documents, we are certain to learn important new facts about the JFK assassination story,  as I explained to the Post.

Morley said Harvey led the agency’s assassinations operations and feuded constantly with Kennedy’s brother, Robert F. Kennedy, over the administration’s crisis with Cuba. Phillips, Morley said, oversaw the agency’s operations against Cuban President Fidel Castro and was deeply familiar with the CIA’s surveillance of Oswald in Mexico City. “What’s in those files could tell us how those men did their jobs,” said Morley, who wrote a 2008 book on the agency’s Mexico City station chief. “There might be stuff on why we were interested in the Cuban consulate, how we surveilled the consulate, how we did our audio work, and how did we recruit spies there? We might understand much better why they were watching Oswald.”

Source: Trump plans to release JFK assassination documents despite concerns from federal agencies – The Washington Post

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