What you can do to free the JFK Files 

You can do two things.

1) Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them to sign H. Res 556 and S. Res 281, introduced by Rep. Walter Jones and Sen. Charles Grassley, calling on President Trump to release all the secret JFK files and to reject any requests from the CIA and the FBI for continuing secrecy. These petitions, also signed by leading liberal Democrats such at Sen Pat Leahy and Rep. John Conyers, show that full JFK disclosure enjoys wide support.

2) Sign the online petition to President Trump created by Coalition Against Political Assassinations.


The JFK Act of 1992 Requires the government to release all of the records on the assassination of President Kennedy by October 26, 2017. Only the President can continue to withhold records and there is no legitimate reason to do so except to protect the guilty.

Source: Petition · Donald Trump: Free the JFK Files · Change.org

3 thoughts on “What you can do to free the JFK Files ”

  1. Just have my JFK Assassination report “Lee Harvey Oswald and The CIA-Mafia Plot That Backfired” put into public print in America’s major newspapers. And, then there will be no need to release any new documents to the public; for then everyone will know exactly what was taking place in Dallas on 11/22/63, and since that time in regards to JFK’s Assassination!!! My report is available free of charge by simply emailing me at tommyd357@mail.com, along with an email address to send it to.

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  3. I am not willing to sign any petition, or spend my time calling elected representatives. If our government cannot or will not,release these files as it was meant to be done, then shame on them!

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