Agencies hint they may try to block JFK declassification in 2017

I missed Lauren Harper’s useful update on UNREDACTED about  the National Archives plans for JFK declassification in 2017.

[Archivist Martha] Murphy recently stated that NARA has “sent letters to agencies letting them know we have records here that were withheld, 2017 is coming.” Murphy further noted that “while no agency has formally requested a waiver yet, some ‘have gotten back to ask for clarification’ and are seeking ‘more information.’”  Murphy noted that while she couldn’t say whether or not the records would resolve the enduring sense of mystery surrounding the assassination, she said that the records will provide a “beautiful snapshot of Cold War America and the intelligence community.”

Source: JFK Assassination Records and the Enduring Lessons from the Assassination Records Review Board | UNREDACTED


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