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jeffmorley – May 9

Who was the only man to ever face legal charges for JFK’s assassination?

Something different this week, an overflow thread to discuss the arrest and prosecution of Clay Shaw and the investigation of Jim Garrison.

Does anyone have any details to add to this man’s (or his family’s) background?
Deep Politics and the Death of JFK
P.D. Scott
….Standard Fruit

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  1. That Chap Lt Cornel “Jimmy Bill” Campbell’s sister Nancy Jane Campbell was a Rather famous Artist and Musician in her day with Art in the Frankfort Art Museum, second Husband might Know something about The Curious Loser From Abandoned pursuit to be the first openly Poligamyst Governor of Utah, I seem to recall after she divorced the IBM engineering fellow, she married the “Surfing” Brig. General Ivy, who was Base commander of Ft Benning, General Ivy Might have passed away, But he was assigned to many assignments the the wayward Lt Col had Too, However, Nancy Jane is still Alive, she has a Gallery in Columbus Ohio….. And spends a lot of time in North Carolina too…..

  2. The Only thing I can add is a comment on when using the Name Clay Shaw, in reference to the Garrison trial it should be preceded by either Former CIA agent, or Highly paid Contract Agent, as both those allegations are now Facts backed up by Declassified documents. Not sure he had any involvement in What Lt Col Haig’s ( The Army officer who signed for the Body post autopsy at the Bethesda Navy hospital … An odd circumstance the Army officer working out of Secratery of the Army Califano’s office signing for the President’s brother day post Navy hospital, and not the Attorney General or Family) Aid Army Captain Campbell refereed to as a Coup and intervention in 1975/6 while preparing to run for Governor of Utah, there iare FBI files from a 301 intake interview in 1983 about various issues about General Westmoreland’s aid in Vietnam in 1968, Future Retired Lt Col Campbell might be worth looking into. Robert Redford the director was aware of the claims and Gossip about The General’s aid….in 1976, as his father in law lived a block away, on East Center Street…and Lola Bob’s wife may have known the Aid, as the Lt Cornel’s nephew worked for Mr Redford at the time and talked to both Bob and Lola about the aborted campaign for Governor …Anyway Former CIA asset Clay Shaw is mentioned in archives of the Permidex Corporation currently held by a foundation in Quebec, and are part of a Canadian Lawsuit, to release the files to bring clarity to the allegations that Clay Shaw and Lee Harvey Oswald participated in a Rally in Montreal in August of 1963, among other reasons….currently at least 119 pages and Photos of Canadian documents about the Montreal incident are still classified, not sure why, but with a new Canadian Prime Minister it might be worth renewed efforts to check on when those files will be declassified, if ever, and on how General Lemay entered Canada, as he departed Canada on 11-22. Just to tie up some loses ends worth a thread…..

  3. N.O., the waterfront, early 1900’s Italian immigrants, the Mafia, the fruit and vegetable business….Ahh Yes…where’s the espresso and cannoli…?

    How predictably fitting….!

    1. I got my commercial license at 17 in 1972 to drive the “Company” truck in our family business to buy Produce at the Dallas Market. Including Standard Fruit and Vegetable for cases of lettuce and tomatoes, bananas among other things.
      Only person I remember was Mr. Abe, an old man at the counter occasionally, A manager I think, he was nice to me at a young age. I was young, ignorant, and knew nothing of the upper level management of Standard Fruit or it’s history.

  4. Well the mix of Mobsters Marcello, the corporation Standard Fruit, and Dorothy Agnes Brandao, a retired Central Intelligence Agency field agent; certainly leads to interesting suppositions, and suspicions of the milieu around New Orleans.

  5. Link to last week’s “Cotw”
    The 1920’s were a real challenge for division managers. After the passing away of Vicente D’Antoni, the division was managed by both Carmelo D’Antoni and by John Miceli, who did so, along with their other responsibilities on an off and on basis. This went on until 1922, when Biagio D’Antoni was assigned the position.

    John Miceli –

    Neighbor’s of Carlos Marcello :

    John Miceli’s sister is married to Carmelo D’Antoni,(1)(1a) brother of Biaggio and Standard Fruit chairman, Dr. Joseph S. D’Antoni.

    In 1939, John Miceli married Dorothy Agnes Brandao.(2) His brother, Augusto was counsel for Standard Fruit.

    Times-Picayune, The (New Orleans, LA) — Saturday, July 5, 2003
    Dorothy Agnes Brandao, a retired Central Intelligence Agency field agent, died Sunday at Chateau de Notre Dame. She was 92. Ms. Brandao was a lifelong resident of New Orleans. She was a graduate of Newcomb College and the University of Iowa. She was a member of St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church and the Orleans Club. After retiring from the CIA, she worked for the New Orleans Tourist Commission for several years. There are no survivors. A private service was held Thursday. Burial was in Metairie Cemetery. Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral Home handled the arrangements.




    Link to last week’s Cotw

    1. I am sharing the 1950 reporting of a lawsuit filed by three D’Antonio bros. nieces because the details present a description of how everyone named were related and became insiders at Standard Fruit by the late 1940’s.

        INCA DINKA DO*
        by Jerry D. Rose
        This article originally published in The Fourth Decade Vol. 4, #3, Mar. 1997.

        …Finally, I come to the intensive activity of INCA in the era of 1967-1969 as related to the investigations of District Attorney Jim Garrison. Apparently INCA had hoped at an early stage to co-opt the investigation. Shortly after the first publicity surfaced in the Garrison case, on February 21, 1967, Butler wrote Garrison to “offer INCA’s facilities, contacts and know-how in the area of communist psycho-warfare.” (15) Apparently Garrison did not accept the offer since,… Butler had moved INCA files from New Orleans to Los Angeles and Ochsner,…. finally granted its wisdom……

        For all these and other instances of Garrison-bashing by INCA, there is nothing in the published record (that I know of) to indicate that Garrison ever did contemplate prosecution and/or public vilification of INCA. In neither of Garrison’s two books on the assassination is there any mention of INCA, Butler or Ochsner (and even the name Bringuier does not appear in the index to the second book). (22) Are we dealing, then, with a case of severe paranoia (or a guilty conscience) on the part of INCA; or, perhaps, with an actual co-optation of the Garrison investigation by INCA? Let us explore for a bit this second possibility.
        ….the unusual composition of the group of New Orleans “citizens” who, in early 1967, formed a group called Truth and Consequences (T&C) which would provide private funding for Garrison in his investigation. (23) Peter Dale Scott long ago pointed out the anomaly that two of the three leaders of T&C, Willard Robertson and Cecil Shilstone, were in fact founding members of INCA…..

        Beyond the T&C connections to INCA represented by Robertson, Shilstone and Raul, there is at least one other likely connection. In reporting the formation of T&C, James and Wardlaw mention a few additional members, namely Eberhard Deutsch,…. (33) The name of Deutsch jumps out of that list, since he is an attorney whose name appears on the letterhead of the Directors of INCA. (34) Deutsch has been described by Scott (who was probably unaware of his T&C connection) as the General Counsel of Standard Fruit and as “Jim Garrison’s former law partner and political mentor.” (35)

        …INCA, which was supposedly in mortal combat with the Garrison investigation, has at least 4 of its associates among the leaders of Truth and Consequences, the money bag outfit for the Garrison investigation. Did T&C “get” what it may have been “paying” for? – i.e., immunity for INCA from Garrison prosecution? Certainly those INCA people who were T&C-involved were not ostracized by INCA for “sleeping with the enemy.” In fact, two of them – Robertson and Shilstone – were re-elected as INCA directors in September, 1968, after T&C had been operating for a year and a half. (36) …I haven’t proven that the Garrison investigation was INCA co-opted, but there seems to be quite a bit pointing in that direction….

        1. Times-Picayune
          31 August, 1970

          June 27, 1955 SUBJECT: BLAISE D’ANTONI

          A New Orleans businessman turned promoter comes to New York to see a fight and meet some big shots—Frank Costello, Jim Norris and Frank Carbo..
          …Inside the suite, D’Antoni was asked another question: What about the appointment of Bonnie Geigerman, a brother-in-law of Racketeer Frank Costello, to his Louisiana Boxing Enterprises payroll?

          “A great guy, Frank Costello,” said D’Antoni, with fervor. “I’m a personal friend. What’s that? Did I say I was Frank Costello’s friend? I would say a very dear personal friend. They’re persecuting Costello. What the hell does Costello want with narcotics when he’s got 99 other legitimate rackets?”…

          The Last Investigation: A Former Federal Investigator Reveal
          Gaeton Fonzi – 2013 – ‎
          ..In their biography of John Rosselli [All American Mafioso, Doubleday, 1991], Charles Rappleye and Ed Becker trace Rosselli’s CIA association to Guatemala, beginning right after the Agency helped overthrow President Jacobo Arbenz in 1954.(Rosselli was reportedly involved in pushing the interests of Standard Fruit, a company allegedly linked to Organized Crime, for a larger cut of the giant United Fruit’s hold on the country.) His biographers also there was an association between Rosselli and E. Howard Hunt in 1961 when the Dominican Republic dictator Rafael Trujillo was assassinated with weapons supplied by the CIA, there’s every indication he was an enthusiastic player…

          1. I am following this thread Tom,

            You are coming up with some real interesting links of mobsters and CIA and Corporatist Interests.

            Thanks for digging this dirt up!

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