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About the JFK Files: Did Biden Comply with the Law? 

That’s the question Larry Sabato, Larry Schnapf and I will answer at a press conference next week after the White House issues its decision on the last of the JFK files on Monday October 26.

The UVA Center for Politics will host a discussion on Wednesday, Oct. 27 at 1 p.m. Eastern Time following the scheduled release of remaining John F. Kennedy assassination records. Joining UVA Center for Politics Director and author of The Kennedy Half-Century Larry J. Sabato will be Jefferson Morley, author and editor of the JFK Facts blog, and Lawrence Schnapf, co-chair of the JFK Records Legal Task Force.

Source: WEDNESDAY: The Hidden JFK Files: What Secrets Remain, and Did Biden Comply with the Law? – Sabato’s Crystal Ball

3 thoughts on “About the JFK Files: Did Biden Comply with the Law? ”

  1. Biden did not follow the law. He could have released some documents and it appears that he will release a few in December this year with the promise to release the rest in December 2022.

    President Trump said he would release the rest this time if re-elected and he too did not release them with full disclosure. It is very telling that these continue to be kept from the public. Biden said during his campaign that he would disclose everything, but he too lied to the public.

  2. CIA released documents to the Assassination Archives and Research Center Thursday in its lawsuit to obtain records on D. Harold Byrd, Werner von Alvensleben, Jr. and the Doolittle Report on CIA covert activities. Gen. Doolittle was a substantial friend of Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) building owner Byrd. Werner von Alvensleben was a valued double agent for OSS in World War II, assassin under Heinrich Himmler, and associate of TSBD building owner Byrd. Von Alvensleben was reported to be in Dallas in late 1963 and Byrd to be at von Alvensleben’s Safari preserve in Africa at the time of the assassination.

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