Hillary Clinton’s weak pledge on JFK records

When Hillary Clinton was asked about JFK assassination records in the 2008 campaign, she advocated full disclosure but

added a national security” loophole that renders her pledge all but meaningless.

Two points are indisputable

  1. “National security’ claims have has used to cover-up official malfeasance in JFK’s murder since the day it happened.
  2. There is very little genuine national security material in the still-secret JFK records.


  1. Gerry Simone says:

    I hope that she would not interfere with the JFK Act. What could possibly still be sensitive as it relates to Oswald or the assassination? Are old methods still valid or our best, kept secrets? I doubt it.

    I think I know what Bernie Sanders would do, if he had the chance.

  2. Ramon F Herrera says:

    (1) The year 2017 is the centennial of JFK’s birth. If we miss this boat/window of opportunity, we will have to wait until the year 2117.

    (2) The only way there will be a serious release of INFORMATION (not simply records) in 2017 is by generating a lot of noise, something similar to the JFK movie.

    (3) Due respect, but what has been done so far is a joke.

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