The best available list of withheld JFK assassination documents

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The government has promised to release as many documents as possible in October, 2017, the 25th anniversary of the JFK Records Act, in which Congress mandated that all efforts be made to release everything in Washington’s possession unless an overriding case can be made for withholding in the national interest.

Source: List of Withheld JFK Assassination Documents – WhoWhatWhy

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    1. The owner of this site has a new book on the most important subject on it, on which it is based, and no comments?
      I’m looking forward to reading it. It might enlighten the public on the issue at an important time.

    1. Ramon F Herrera


      Monsieur Conein has 17 records which have been POSTPONED IN FULL, for a total of 1,201 pages.

      Here is the Excel version:

      You can see their detailed info (metadata) in one of the 2 web sites:

      National Archives and Records Administration

      Not The National Archives and Records Administration

      As Lucien would say:

      Vous êtes les bienvenus



  1. Ramon F Herrera

    Ronnie wrote:
    “[the] information [that] the CIA is illegally withholding from us.”

    Ronnie: To be honest, I am confused about the lawsuit. It is related to Joannides, is all I know. AFAIK, nobody has bothered to explain it in a clear, succinct manner.

    However, respect to the thousands of withheld records (*), you have it completely backwards.

    The law says that the remaining records will be released on Thursday, October 26th. 2017. If the CIA or president Obama or Martha Murphy or anybody else releases those files one day earlier, they would be breaking the law.

    There you go:

  2. This is a good article. Glad to see it in a I guess well read format. But it does not mention Jeff and Jim’s suit for this information the CIA is Illegally withholding from us.
    A little more depth would be appreciated.

  3. Lee Oswald’s 201 file has to top the list, but I’m also anxious to see what else they’ve withheld about Jack Ruby…

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