Would Oswald have been convicted at trial?

Jefferson Morley and Dr. Bill Kanasky talk about JFK’s assassination and how to understand it.

I especially enjoyed my recent two-part conversation with Dr. Bill Kanasy, host Litigation Psychology podcast because his audience is trial lawyers, a tough and knowledgable crowd.

I also enjoyed it because Bill kindly said I was “the number one JFK researcher in the world.”

(The audio-only version is available at Apple Podcasts. I’ll post Part II of our conversation next week.)

Would Lee Harvey Oswald have been convicted at trial?

“The U.S. government never could have held that trial because so much top secret information. Any defense attorney would have been asking questions about areas that are incredibly sensitive and secret–were in 1963 and 1964. When I sued the CIA for JFK records 55 years later, they were telling me ‘This is too sensitive and we’re not going to show it to you.'”

On conspiracy theories:

“I didn’t have a theory. I always thought the discourse of conspiracies around the JFK assassination was [odd]… I mean. as a reporter at the Washington Post I didn’t write about theories. You wrote about what happened as best you could figure it out. That was always my approach find new facts, put them in context, and say what they mean. I wasn’t trying to solve the assassination. Why should I try to solve the assassination? Why should I develop a conspiracy theory? I’m not a lawyer I don’t know anything about conspiracy law.”

On the effect of Oliver Stone’s ‘JFK;

“Congress was shamed into doing the right thing…. passing a pretty good law, the JFK Records Act.”

Morley v. CIA

I tell the story in an ebook, Morley v. CIA, available here. The intervention of Brett Kavanaugh in my lawsuit was especially noteworthy


When I said Oswald had never been convicted at a mock trial, I only knew about mock trials in the United States. I forgot about this mock trial in England where Oswald was convicted. My mistake.

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