Woody Harrelson on playing LBJ


The movie chronicles LBJ’s private fears, questions, and ideological splits with Kennedy before the rivals became running mates—and how JFK’s assassination changed LBJ’s politics. “He did adopt a big swath of JFK’s policies so it would be hard to not see it that way,” said Harrelson. “I’m not sure how much of it was motivated by his depth of emotion or by what he considered to be politically expedient. It’s really hard to read him. He’s a fascinating character.”

Source: Woody Harrelson Is Ready for a Revolution: ‘I Don’t Really Believe in Government’ – The Daily Beast


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11 thoughts on “Woody Harrelson on playing LBJ”

  1. Steve M. Galbraith

    “He did adopt a big swath of JFK’s policies so it would be hard to not see it that way,”

    I couldn’t disagree more with that interpretation. LBJ ran in the Democratic primaries in favor of civil rights, Medicare and, as far as I can see, every other major domestic legislation that JFK proposed. He didn’t adopt anything that JFK espoused. LBJ’s criticism – which was correct – was that JFK had no history and no ability to get that legislation passed through Congress. JFK, legislatively, was an empty suit.

    After JFK’s death, LBJ passed the most far reaching progressive/liberal programs in American history. Civil rights, voting rights, housing rights, poverty programs.

    I find the argument by some conspiracy people that JFK was killed with LBJ’s support in order to stop JFK’s liberal agenda risible beyond belief. LBJ did far more to promote the liberal agenda than JFK and RFK ever considered. If these conspirators killed JFK to stop a liberal agenda then LBJ sure surprised them.

  2. I just finally read the full Daily Beast article.
    The few movies I’ve seen him in the last 15 years or so were of him as a stoner or similar. He’s not just that.
    A song several years ago touts “Willie Nelson for President”.
    I think I’d vote for Woody over Billary or Frump.
    With Rob Reiner directing this could be Harrelson’s best effort yet.

    1. I guess I can’t look at him and not think about Cheer’s. But that’s not fair to him as an actor. May his performance contribute to FREEINGOFTHEFILES in some way and a better understanding of the Assassination itself in turn.

  3. American GI Forum and LBJ as reported by wikipedia. Note this would have have been right after the election which he “won” by 87 votes. Most Texas politicians would have punted on this.


    The AGIF’s first campaign was on the behalf of Felix Longoria, a Mexican-American private who was killed in the Philippines in the line of duty during World War II. Three years after the war, when Longoria’s remains were returned to Texas, his family was denied funeral services by a white-owned funeral home. Dr. Garcia requested the intercession of then-Senator Lyndon B. Johnson, who secured Longoria’s burial in Arlington National Cemetery. The case brought the AGIF to national attention, and chapters were opened throughout the country. A women’s and youth auxiliary were also formed

  4. Ah, ha, ha. Humor from LBJ. I did laugh. Harrelson does a great job in clip. Was his Daddy a shooter? He did kill the Judge in his driveway?
    In the movie does he whizz on a SSA’s shoes to show his power?
    And constantly berate/cuss out his staff?
    While they cover for him spending day’s in bed refusing to deal with anything?
    Does he ever brag bout or show off his johnson?

  5. LBJ was a big supporter of Israel.JFK made it clear to the Israelis that he did not want them to develop nuclear weapons. US policy changed immediately after the assassination. I’m just saying that that’s one policy that *did* change.

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