Why We Revisit JFK’s Assassination Now

Russ Baker explains in WhoWhatWhy:

Today, America is divided as perhaps never before seen in our lifetimes, with an epic disagreement over the most basic of facts, including who rightfully should wield power. Yet, to this day, a majority of Americans of all belief sets share a common creed: They do not buy the official explanation for the violent transfer of power occasioned by the murder of the 35th president. 

The loss of confidence in the establishment, in the media, in voting systems, and in credentialed “expertise” has its roots in lies of long ago. Sadly, those unresolved lies are now being exploited by the cynical for their own purposes. One result is the demonstrably baseless claim that Donald Trump actually won in 2020.   

Source: Why We’re Revisiting the JFK Assassination – WhoWhatWhy

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