Why did the CIA’s Richard Helms lie about Lee Harvey Oswald? (continued)

Professor Scott addresses a key question about the JFK assassination story.



[CIA Director Richard] Helms faced the same legal dilemma after he swore to the Warren Commission to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (5 AH 121). Helms was then asked “Can you tell the Commission as to whether or not you have supplied us all the information the Agency has, at least in substance, in regard to Lee Harvey Oswald?” Helms’s answer was, “We have, all” (5 AH 122).[2] This was, I submit, both perjury, and obstruction of justice.[3] In 1964 the CIA secrets he protected concerned an operation involving the name of the man reported to have been the president’s assassin.[4]

Source: Why CIA’s Richard Helms Lied About Oswald: Part 2 – WhoWhatWhy

For Part I of Peter Scott’s essay, go here.

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  1. I’m sure I’ll be labeled a spook for coming to the defense of Richard Helms, but let’s not forget that it was Helms who told Nixon to effectively go pound sand when Nixon tried to get the CIA to cover up Watergate. After the ’72 election Nixon let Helms know that his services as DCI were no longer required and Helms, a career civil servant, offered to retire in March 1973, as it would be his 60th birthday. Nixon offered him an ambassadorship, which Helms was expecting to take when he retired from CIA that March. Apparently Nixon had other plans though, and canned Helms in February of ’73. Nixon definitely knew this was how things were going to play out, and Helms most certainly did not, as exemplified by this very revealing phone call between the two in January:

    1. “Richard Helms, who died last week at age 89, was described by his biographer Thomas Powers as a ‘gentlemanly planner of assassinations.'”

      Jefferson Morley on Richard Helms at the time of his death in 2002.


      There were no good guys in that Nixon/Helms dispute. It was an argument between a pair of hoodlums, both of whom had a significant amount of blood on their hands.

      BTW, after being cashiered from CIA, Helms was named ambassador to Iran. Of course, he had absolutely nothing to do with running the enormous CIA station that operated in that country.

  2. “Helms’s Rationale for Committing Perjury

    We can begin to understand Helms’s behavior from his repeat performance in the Watergate era, when he was fined $2,000 and given a suspended sentence of two years in jail, for failing to tell the Senate Foreign Relations committee about CIA operations in Chile. As the Washington Post reported at the time, Helms’s oath to the committee to tell the truth was at odds with an earlier oath he had taken when he was CIA director never to divulge classified information.”~P.D. Scott

    Of course this is the crux of the matter, the batter that made the biscuit. And it is only the credulity of the naive that allows obvious lies to remain hidden to such gullible minds.

    In other words, you have the evidence before you like the neon lights of Broadway, and you choose to sleepwalk through life like a Pollyanna syrup drenched flapjack.

    “Yum yum!”

  3. From the essay:

    Was the Lee Harvey Oswald of Dallas also the man identifying himself as Lee Oswald in Mexico City; or was the latter, as I strongly believe, an impostor who spoke broken English as well as broken Russian?

    So some spooky organization (presumably the CIA) sent a fellow who spoke broken English to impersonate Oswald. To impersonate Oswald the native English speaker.

    And of course, conspiracists insist that the real Oswald spoke Russian very well. So it would be equally insane to send an impostor who spoke broken Russian.

    1. Wow Mr. McAdams !!! You have revealed yourself to have a profound misunderstanding about the Mexico City question !!!

      The impersonation was DESIGNED TO FAIL so as to get the CI paper trail into overdrive.

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