WhoWhatWhy: Will Trump release JFK records? 

The 1992 JFK Records Act mandates the release of over 3,500 JFK assassination records. never before seen by the public, by October 26, 2017. Trump’s ruling on this matter will be interesting in light of his alleged war with the CIA.

Source: Trump to Release JFK Records? – WhoWhatWhy

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  1. BrotherBruce says:

    This was an active and interesting site at one time. What happened? Has a gargantuan ego prevented the moderator from posting opinions that obliterate his own? Are other common sense viewpoints, which don’t mesh with the moderator’s, with held?
    After watching Katie Couric edit her chat with gun owners, in a way that allowed her to present gun owners as drooling, knuckle-dragging nincompoops, this site, and it’s “my way or the highway” modus operandi, instantly came to mind. Pride comes before the fall.

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