When first asked the CIA lied and said George Joannides was ‘a routing indicator’

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  1. R. Andrew Kiel says:


    Great work on Joahnnides – & I love the Godfather music in the background – reminds me of Giancana, Roselli, & Hoffa after all three were murdered after the Church Committee took secret testimony from Roselli & Giancana in 1975-76 – which led to the House Select Committee from 1977-79. They were on the right track – follow the bodies & the money – Operation Northwoods and/or Vietnam were most likely the goals of the plotters (along with LBJ).

    Those three were the original go-betweens for the Mafia/CIA plots against Castro – which I believe turned into the plot against JFK. I detail those points in my book “J. Edgar Hoover: The Father of the Cold War: How Hoover’s Obsession With Communism led to Obstruction of Justice in the Warren Commission Investigation, and Escalation of the Vietnam War.”

    Again – great work Jeff & I hope you & Jim Lesar’s work bears fruit – you deserve to win the case as does the truth. I remember visiting Jim’s Assassination Research Center in DC back in the late 1980’s & into the 90’s – what a tremendous researcher who flies under the radar!

    R. Andrew Kiel

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