When assassination became a fetid GOP punchline

In remarks that would have once been considered shocking, Senator Richard Burr joked about the assassination of Hillary Clinton. Then he said his comments were “inappropriate.” Imagine his kind words when someone is dead.

In 1963, fliers accusing President John F. Kennedy of “betraying the Constitution” and declaring he was “Wanted for Treason” were distributed in Dallas days before his fateful trip. In times of uncontained political discontent, it is reckless to toss more fuel onto an inferno.

Source: GOP “jokes” speak of bullets, not ballots – The Boston Globe

3 thoughts on “When assassination became a fetid GOP punchline”

  1. Bill Clinton told Terry Reed in the 1980s that it was a good thing CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal was murdered and he had gotten what he deserved when he was gunned down in February, 1986.

    Read the book “Compromised” by Terry Reed.

  2. Antonio D'Antonio

    These same politicians who insinuate assassination and revolution are themselves part of the problem that they are railing against.
    And they will do nothing to fix a broken political system that benefits their self-serving interests.

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