What’s the one thing people should read or view on November 22?

Write your suggestions, with a link to text or video, in the comments section and we’ll publish the most original and provocative suggestions in the week of November 15-22.



  1. J.D. says:

    My second suggestion is an episode of the excellent Black Op Radio series “50 Reasons for 50 Years.” In Episode 33, Gerald D. McKnight discusses the Warren Commission’s reaction to the rumor that Oswald was an FBI informant. The entire series is superb and well worth watching, but this episode stands out for me because of McKnight’s poignant closing words, which sum up well why so many people remain determined to solve this crime and honor President Kennedy’s memory.


  2. Although it is not a book, but is in fact a very short abstract, I would urge everyone to read this article.

    Larry Sturdivan and the misrepresentation of HSCA Exhibit F-114
    By Pat Speer
    At: http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=15186

    As well I urge reading the exchanges between Mr Edgar and Studivan in the HSCA testimony of Studivan found here:

  3. Eddy says:

    I would recommend reading the Parkland Testimony and watching the Zapruder film. Can you marry the two?

  4. leslie sharp says:

    I would recommend returning to the scene of the crime, vis a vis Dallas, and read “Dallas 1963” by Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis. It is an apologia for the Warren Commission conclusion and has won awards – some of which may have been based on that rather than the detail it provides of the back drop – but regardless, read with discernment it is an excellent resource toward understanding the dynamics and ethos of the city leading to 11.22.63 … and it names names.

    Winner of the PEN Center USA Literary Award for Research Nonfiction

    Named one of the Top 3 JFK Books by Parade Magazine.

    Named 1 of The 5 Essential Kennedy assassination books ever written by The Daily Beast.

    Named one of the Top Nonfiction Books of 2013 by Kirkus Reviews.

  5. Ramon F Herrera says:

    [Tim Nickerson:] “A Scientific Investigation”


    Mr. Sturdivan and his acolytes do not even know the meaning of the word “Science”, let alone its principles, values and practices.

    For starters: Not unlike love, Science is not for sale.

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Ha. Science has been for sale for years. The Government and corporations pay much better than Academia. Have you read the recent revelations about Exxon and global warming, their suppression of scientific opinions? The “science” used in JFK’s autopsy was if not so sadly abused by control of it laughable.
      Why no probes, why no dissection of the throat and back wounds?
      Common forensic practices. Why did they not use practicing forensic pathologists (yes Finnick was a called in late, and his notes stolen).

      • Ramon F Herrera says:

        Hi Ronnie:

        You are referring to “science”, while I am referring to “Science”.

        For the difference, see the discussion about the 3D model of Lee here:


        What we see in Dartmouth is *almost* Science with a capital “S”. Not quite pure, but close.

        Do you know the bright spot in all the shameful prostitution that went on during WCR, HSCA, ABC/Myers, etc.?

        The universities did not sell their name and reputation and that makes me proud of them.

        Notice how an individual person can sell his dignity. Luis Alvarez is a perfect example. He was affiliated with:

        – University of Chicago
        – MIT
        – Berkeley
        – (plus, he would have been welcome in any top university)

        and yet NONE of them wanted anything to do with his snake oil, Jet Effect. He would not dare to insult his peers, asking for institutional support.


        The people in charge of the coverup have always stated:

        “Nobel Prize winner Luis Alvarez, such and such, blah, blah”.

        but they never dared (or will dare) to say:

        “The Jet Effect, confirmed by MIT, Harvard and Stanford”

        It was not only Alvarez: similar statements can be made of Sturdivan, Lattimer, etc.

        Companies can also be bought, wholesale, on the cheap. See Itek Corporation as a prime example.

        Call me naive, but I believe no money, pressure or threats would force our best institutions to lie. The government did not dare to go that far and THAT, in itself, is one of the best evidences of conspiracy.

        If anybody knows of a university (good one) which sold out, institutionally, I would be happy to know about it.

        • Ramon F Herrera says:

          The following comment deserves further clarification:

          “What we see in Dartmouth is *almost* Science with a capital “S”. Not quite pure, but close.”

          I have always said that when it comes to the truth, the *only* reference is our universities. That is trivially easy to prove.

          In an ideal world, the backyard photo mystery would have been solved and accepted by everybody by now.

          There’s a sine qua non requirement, though, in uppercase.

          “Dartmouth College (not some professor!!) announces the results of its study about the photograph of Lee Oswald. ALL THE FILES USED, SOFTWARE, NOTES, etc. HAVE BEEN POSTED IN THE FOLLOWING WEB SERVER: http://cs.dartmouth.edu. Universities and individuals are invited to participate”.

          A few months later, the truth would be determined DEMOCRATICALLY as we read in the press:

          – “Stanford University opines the following:” (i.e., confirms or denies)

          – The results of Harvard University are [such and such]” (again: confirm or deny).

          – “The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announces ….”.

          [plus, the best universities of Europe and elsewhere]

          Ronnie: The only bigger truth than the one described would be God, but since he is not talking, what we have above is the ultimate truth.

          That is not only the best solution, but the only solution.

        • Ramon F Herrera says:

          “The universities did not sell their name and reputation and that makes me proud of them.”


          This is not to say that the response of the universities was blameless. Far from it! They should be ashamed of themselves, as they were complicit with their silence. The most famous, the epitome, is Harvard, which proudly carries the motto “Veritas”. Yeah, right… Veritas my rear bottom.

          Let’s attempt to find an excuse on their behalf. There has to be a reasonable explanation for their inaction. This is probably how they reached a standoff position:

          “This is not our party, we have not been invited. Prof. Robert Blakey decided which companies and people were to be hired (some would call it “bought out”)”.

          (In the FPP, he had no option but to leave one dissenting voice, doctor Cyril Wecht, join the otherwise exclusive club. Thank God that his professional and human integrity is not for sale).

          To sum things up: Those were detente times, so for half a century our top institutions of education and research reached one with the government:

          “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

          The coverup agents to university deans:

          “Okay, let’s be reasonable here. You know very well that we can cut grants and apply many other kinds of pressure. We can make life very uncomfortable for you and your professors, but we won’t force you to certificate our results. We won’t ask. As consideration for our generosity, you will not tell.”

          The big question is whether that state of immobility remains and makes sense today.

          • Ramon F Herrera says:

            “We won’t force you to CERTIFY our results”

          • Ronnie Wayne says:


            I don’t remember reading your last three posts above. Thanks for posting the link via the edu forum.

            I work with Professors of Science but don’t pretend to be one. My Bachelor’s is in Management. Working with them has has increased my interest in the subject though not so much my knowledge of the it.

  6. Tim Nickerson says:

    “THE JFK MYTHS: A Scientific Investigation of the Kennedy Assassination” by Larry M Sturdivan

    • Ramon F Herrera says:

      [Tim Nickerson:] “A Scientific Investigation”


      Mr. Sturdivan and his acolytes do not even know the meaning of the word “Science”, let alone its principles, values and practices.

      For starters: Not unlike love, Science is not for sale.

  7. Bill Barrett says:

    David Lifton’s book Best Evidence is a classic. His upcoming book Final Charade will be another blockbuster. Douglas Horne’s Inside the ARRB book series is full of in depth information. The Bastard Bullet is a classic. Bloody Treason is fantastic. Harry Nash’s Citizen’s Arrest: The Dissent of Penn Jones Jr. and False Mystery by Vincent Salandria are early favorites. Michael Morrisey’s Correspondence With Vincent Salandria is a great follow-up. On a more esoteric level, I treasure the takes of Bo Gritz in Called to Serve and Gary Wean in There’s a Fish in the Courthouse. All in all, The Last Investigation has a solid ring of the truth.

    • Bill Barrett, Now if Larry Webb had listed those books I would know he was dipping into satire. However I get the feeling you are serious.
      David Lifton? The guy writes long boring novel’s of fiction, not fact.
      [In my most humble opinion]

    • leslie sharp says:

      The Mary Ferrell Foundation loans to David Lifton occur in tandem with Oliver Curme’s establishment of the non-profit so I believe that was in 2003. Lifton has acknowledged that he met with Curme and in fact overnighted in his MA home as the collection came under the umbrella of a privately owned non-profit. The loan has never been repaid and IRS documents indicate that the foundation carried the significant amount for years without expectation of repayment.

  8. larry webb says:

    Look lets just forgot these books and go by what the honorable men of the warren commission concluded, im mean patriots and such, honorable men the great edgar j hoover said so herself pre caitlyn jenner.

  9. Greg says:

    The one thing people should view on November 22 is this the Zapruder film with the sound from the police motorcycle recording. It’s provocative and will cause annoyance and anger. The film has done this before and can do it again. Why not take one minute to watch this on November 22 as a reminder to never let this happen again?

  10. J.D. says:

    My choice is “They’ve Killed the President!”, a 1975 book by Robert Sam Anson. Anson’s book is long out of print and I rarely see it referred to, but you can find used copies for pennies at Amazon.com. While the book predates the HSCA investigation and hence seems a little dated now, it’s still well worth reading; it’s a smart and well-written introduction to the case, and you can breeze through it in a day or two.

    If nothing else, you should read the very first chapter. Anson does something unusual here: He does a narrative-style retelling of the events of November 22, 1963, as many other writers have done, but he omits the accounts of the witnesses whose accounts have been most often questioned or found to be less than credible, including Helen Markham, Howard Brennan, and Julia Ann Mercer. We’ve all read so many retellings of the Warren Commission version of the assassination that I think many of us have unconsciously absorbed it; even those of us who question the official story can find it hard to shake the image of Oswald firing from the book depository. By retelling the story in as objective a way as possible (and without advancing a specific theory about what happened), Anson makes it easier for us to begin thinking about that day in other ways.

  11. Anthony Martin says:

    Re: Vincent Salandria: “The JFK Assasination, A False Mystery Concealing State Crimes” (1998)


  12. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Anyone in the FW/D area or anyone passing through wanting to see more of a celebration of life than Dealy Plaza go to the JFK Tribute in Fort Worth. It’s on the very spot where he gave his last public speech to a crowd of 2000-4000 in the rain on 11/22/63 next to the Texas (now Hilton) hotel where he spent his last night.
    I found it to be a moving experience.




    (the only time you’ll find me using DVP info as a source)

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      BTW, I remember going into the lobby of the then Texas Hotel to a ticket sales office there in the early 70’s to get tickets to see ZZ Top in the convention center a block away.
      I had no idea then JFK had slept or spoken there.

  13. LMB says:

    Listen to David Talbot discusses his book “The Devil’s Chessboard”
    Host Len Osanic with Jim DiEugenio.
    David Talbot on Black Op Radio #755

  14. Jamie R says:

    Highly recommend people read Doug Horne’s series of essays, “JFK’s War With the National Security Establishment: Why Kennedy Was Assassinated,” along with his other essays on the fff.org site. Great read!


  15. Max says:

    Read All the “Prayer Man” research by Sean Murphy & the new book by Stan Dane: Prayer Man: Out of the Shadows and Into the Light. This research is a real breakthrough in the case IMO. I also consider Sean Murphy to be an impeccable researcher….unlike many in the so-called research community who are more often than not an odd collection of misfits and frauds.

  16. Vic Sage says:

    I would recommend these books: The Last Investigation,Crossfire,The Texas Connection and The HSCA final report.

  17. George Simmons says:

    What Jane Roman said – History Matters

  18. David S says:

    I’m thinking Richard Russell’s book “The Man Who Knew Too Much” about Richard Case Nagell, the government agent who met Oswald, stumbled onto the plot, was ordered to kill Oswald, but couldn’t figure out if he was taking orders from the Soviets or Americans.

    It’s a fascinating book – doesnt answer the ultimate questions, but does blow up the Lone Gunman narrative.

    • leslie sharp says:

      David S., agreed, and although Russell might be the first to insist there is much new information to integrate, his book should be a benchmark for anyone serious about the investigation into the assassination. He introduced names when few authors or publishers had the courage to do same, For me, Russell along with Vince Salandria confirmed the possibility (and I contend the likelihood) that the conspiracy was deep and wide. Shoulders of giants.

      Especially intriguing to me in Russell’s “The Man Who Knew Too Much” is the section related to how Nagell was paid in spite of him not even knowing who he was serving. During Nagell’s trial, the El Paso judge disavowed the introduction of the American Express traveller’s cheques he received in renumeration for services. Such an odd coincidence that Nagell and Oswald had in their possession pamphlets espousing the socialist views of Corliss Lamont when Corliss’ brother T.S. was on the board of the Rockefeller’s City Bank affiliate American Express. The AE board at the time also included ret. General Lucius Clay.

      • leslie sharp says:

        General Clay’s military aide at the end of WWII was LW Douglas, the brother-in-law of then Asst. Sec. of War John Jay McCloy who years later would serve alongside former director of the CIA, Allen Dulles on the Warren Commission. All of these men were present during Operation Paperclip and the formation of the Gehlen Org.

        While Clay served on the board of American Express with Corliss Lamont’s brother, his former aide LW Douglas fell into the category of ‘career’ director serving on boards of corporations we now recognize as part of the Military Industrial Complex. One such board was California-based Western Bancorp; in 1965 Douglas voted to elect to the board the former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John A. McCone who we now know withheld critical information from the Warren Commission in what is currently being white-washed as a ‘benign’ cover up.

        So we have pre and post assassination characters dovetailing with the stories of Richard Case Nagell and Lee Harvey Oswald in the pattern of Corliss Lamont, TS Lamont, General Clay, LW Douglas, John McCloy, Allen Dulles, and John McCone.

  19. Sandy K. says:

    The CBS first news bulletin breaking into a soap opera, followed by Walter Cronkite coming on camera to announce the nightmare. In its sheer gut-wrenching pathos, even as Conkite chokes back tears in confirming JFK’s death,the broadcast bespeaks America’s incredulity, horror and deep sadness…which continue on without closure 52 years later.

  20. It is a no-brainer. Watch The Men Who Killed Kennedy, episode 9 and you will have a very good idea of LBJ’s role in the JFK assassination: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27RGsdtuRkA&noredirect=1

  21. Robert McPherson says:

    I watched the 1998 documentary, ‘The Murder of JFK’ for the 3rd or 4th time a couple of nights ago (I have watched and read numerous accounts). Four things stay with me regarding the assassination. First is a comment by a woman interviewed at the time that if the results of the investigation, the lone ‘nut’ solution, were so simple and straightforward, why all the apparent secrecy and subterfuge; why the classification and unwillingness to publish related documents? The second is David Lifton’s reporting the violent backward movement of President Kennedy in the Zapruder film when he was struck in the head – it just appears to be such a common sense conclusion for any reasonable person watching the film. The 3rd is Jack Ruby’s contention that the whole truth had not been told – coupled with Dorothy Kilgallen’s assertion that she had the scoop of the century as a result of her interviews with Ruby – she was known to be a skilled investigative reporter. The 4th is the very convenient passings of people like Kilgallen and George de Morenschildt, and many others who may have had much to reveal about Oswald, the assassination and the cover-up. Kilgallen, just before she was ready to publish her scoop, and de Morenschildt, just before he was to have been interviewed by House Committee investigators and appear before the committee. Just too many loose ends, as they say.

  22. Paul Turner says:

    The one thing that should be viewed on Nov. 22 is the direct line shot that caused JFK’s head to explode. This is from the Zapruder film. I’ve seen it many times, and I just can’t see that shot as coming from the TSBD. There may have been shots fired from the TSBD, but there was THAT one, too. To me, it clinches the conspiracy.

  23. Ronnie Wayne says:

    I would suggest that if people ever visit the TSBD or Dealy Plaza they take in the view from behind the fence on the grassy knoll and compare it to the one from the sixth floor.

  24. ed connor says:

    I would suggest they visit Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, or the JFK Library in Braintree, Massachusetts, or the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas (skip the bookstore).

  25. Dan Hardway says:

    The American University speech. And the speech he was going to deliver at the Trade Mart that day.

  26. bogman says:

    I think links to the Joannides affair and the CIA HQ cables to MC lying about Oswald six weeks before the assassination.

    If Oswald was just a sociopathic troublemaker that no one considered violent, why does the CIA continue to refuse to offer an explanation for the above? The American people deserve an answer.

  27. Neil says:

    I recommend the full Robarge report on John McCone


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