What to do before November 22

Check out 2017 JFK.

In order to control the future of your country, you must first understand the past. 2017JFK is partnering with a number of reputable organizations, dedicated to promoting professional and academic research into the assassination of John F. Kennedy.


6 thoughts on “What to do before November 22”

  1. Dang. Am still alive, stuck in Front Royal, Virginny. Thanks for your comments, Ronnie & James. Excellent insights. Am beyond words now, will describe my feelings later on, after processing all of this. I hear that Halifax is not the the best ‘Go-fly’ zone at this late hour, but…… carry on and remain calm. Namaste’.

  2. Ronnie, nice idea. I’ve thought this myself- make a big push through Twitter, Facebook etc. The criminal intelligence agency and those other sons of bitches need to know this is NEVER going away…bring on your photons and CNN etc etc. You’re talking to a 30 year old Brit living in England. The point I’m trying to make is that this does not just interest Americans. It’s a burning passion in my life and you can bet there are plenty more like me across the world so let’s bring it on!

  3. Perplexing, I live in a rural community surrounded by right wing republicans. They have shooting practice in my neighbor’s field. I too shoot occasionally for practice.
    I’m not sure they would be receptive to any JFK forum.
    But I do have another kind of nutty idea.
    Trying to do this through the Mass Media is a failure as a foregone conclusion. Trying to do it through this or other focused sites only interests those already interested in the subject.
    A truly grass roots effort is the only way I see.
    Beseech Rolling Stone, The Detroit Free Press, The Dallas Observer. A e-mail campaign on them all? There are several other sources these days. E-Mails from prominent researcher’s might help.
    Then again. I do know 3-4 people locally who might not consider me a traitor if I approached them on this subject. If we could get something into the local paper it MIGHT spread to the regional level.
    Off my soapbox now as an undeclared minor in marketing.

  4. I know this comment is completely off-topic (sort of)

    One thing NOT to do is listen to Mr. Meacham’s one-sided interview with with you-know-who on
    C-SPAN. What a patronizing shill he was, protecting his book’s man/boy all the way through the interview. Sorry to vent this here, but Bush 41 needs to have his reckoning, even 25 years after the fact. And we have to wait until mid-November of next year for Jack’s reckoning? Oh, please.

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