What is the JFK end game?

Charles asks a good question:

Q. How do we define and effect justice for JFK and the untold millions of collaterally damaged victims of the Dealey Plaza attack? What is to be gained by the seemingly endless search for proof of conspiracy that in fact we have long possessed in abundance? Have we learned so little from our decades of labor in the morass of deep event studies that we continue to petition the deep state for relief from the oppression for which it is responsible?

A: The endgame is full JFK disclosure. I’m not searching for proof of conspiracy. That is the work of a cop or a prosecutor, and I’m not either. I’m looking for the whole historical record of the assassination, and we don’t have it yet. Some will say the truth lies in people’s hearts and minds, not the government’s documents. Which is true. But truth endures for young people and generations to come in the historical record. Which is why full JFK disclosure is a radical act.

Others will say there’s “no smoking gun” proof in the last of the JFK files. That’s probably true. The proof lies in a more comprehensive understanding of November 22, 1963. Our understanding is now a mosaic with missing pieces. The opportunity of 2021 is to complete the JFK mosaic.

Q. Do the last of the JFK files contain anything really important?

A. Yes, they do. They include:

1) Details of CIA assassination operations (such as ZR-RIFLE and AMLASH);

2) Files of undercover operations officers (such as Anne Goodpasture, Jim Moore, George Joannides, and Birch O’Neal) who monitored Lee Harvey Oswald before November 22; and

3) Records of CIA personnel (such as David Morales and Howard Hunt) who implicated themselves in the crime.

A ‘deep state’ CIA will ferociously resist disclosure on these key points. An intelligence service accountable to the American people will not. The CIA’s response to the JFK Records Act in 2021 will be telling.

Will President Biden enforce the JFK Records Act? Not if he doesn’t have to. The CIA wants to keep the rest of the JFK files secret because they have the most to lose, and the Agency has a lot of influence in the White House. Biden is an institutionalist, which means respecting the institution of the CIA.

But the interests of an elected president are not identical to those of a secret service. The law is clear. It mandates full disclosure. Is the JFK Records Act enforceable? Right now that is open to question. So full JFK disclosure is both a historical imperative and a real and symbolic test of the rule of law in America.


  1. Steven Schwendeman says:

    It seems the endgame involves may multiple some of the following parts:
    1) Correct history books on what preponderance of evidence dictates generally happened and get to the point where people can openly discuss discuss it in the US – this should include the many roles of Dulles, Angleton, Hoover, LBJ, Joint Chiefs of Staff, wealthy sponsors, etc – their probable roles are not widely known to the average American
    2) Bring what are normally respected media outlets to properly and thoroughly cover what exhaustive research up to 2021 has uncovered
    3) Inform the American public how other countries (both friendly and adversarial) view us and an unwillingness of our government to face up to true JFKfacts
    4) Understand in better detail the other side of the story — true motives (I understand the speculated ones) of those (e.g., from their decedents) who led the assassination effort and coverup – Most of us living now do not know what it is like to live in fear of WWIII (to what extent was that a motive vs. pursuit of the conservative military agenda in Vietnam and Cuba etc?)
    5) Place into context the JFK killing in the long list of “ends justify the means” deeds from a group that John Dean calls “Conservatives without conscience” from the 1940s all the way up to Trump’s Big Lie and its aftermath we see today
    6) Pay reparations by the US government to the families of the hundreds of people killed to cover up the truth behind JFK”s death (this last one could be a significant practical fear to keep records secret?)

  2. Charles R. Drago says:

    Thank you, J.M., for your eloquently nuanced and, sadly, all too rare responses to questions I have posed publicly since the early ’90s.

    Please understand that I am not arguing for the cessation of informed JFK research. And I understand that assemblage of a comprehensive, accurate historical record — a goal toward which full disclosure of suppressed USG files would constitute a giant step — is a moral imperative.

    Yet neither act addresses the immediate needs to weaponize the facts already established and, if you will excuse the bellicose metaphor, return the Dealey Plaza fire.

    We must wage political, psychological, artistic, economic, and spiritual war against the heirs of the killers of JFK.

    Their arsenals are beyond quantification. In ours, there is truth.

    We can be defeated in this war only by ourselves.

  3. Michael Davidson says:

    There will never be full disclosure by the CIA . If they ever did it would open them up to scrutiny of all the other crimes theyve committed as a matter of course in pursuit of the needs of American capital . Think of it this way – its akin to Watergate . The cover up wasnt just about a break in at National Democratic HQ – it was to protect everything the WH was up to its neck in in the run up to the 72 election . As the man said : ” You dont think this was all the work of little Don Segretti …
    America is an aggressive imperialist nation – its continued overthrow / invasions of other nations is a constant in its history and the CIA is merely part of the enforcement mechanism

  4. Bogman says:

    I’m hoping Biden’s obvious love of the Kennedys – seem like half his WH interviews are purposely done in front of the bust of RFK – may help sway him to see the light and release the files once and for all.

    I’m writing him a letter and I’m gonna play the ‘Irish card’ 😉

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