“COINTELPRO is a abbreviation of the words “Counterintelligence Program.” COINTELPRO is the name for the effort by the FBI to destroy people and to destroy organizations.


  1. Antonio D'Antonio says:

    (this one is much more presentable in regard to spelling and punctuation)

    Just to set the record straight on Mr. Ali’s undermining of the FBI’s illegal spying on Americans. Yes, he really took one for the team that night, but he was not KO’ed in that fight.
    He was knocked down by the left hook, but got up to finish the fight, which Mr. Frazier won by unanimous decision.
    So he actually gave the CCIFBI even a bit more time to complete their task.

    • Roy W Kornbluth says:

      Thanks so much for that correction, that Ali lost the March 8, 1971 fight against Frazier by DECISION. I feel better now. I don’t know why I ASSumed it was a KO. I’ve seen stills and video bits, and I mean Ali was snockered. It should have knocked out a horse. Testimony to the toughness of MA, though maybe that gave him more brain damage, the way he took a punch and kept getting up. Have you ever seen photos of Ali taking a hard punch to the face without even blinking? Hardest physical thing to do there is.

      IMO, the most profound thing about CCIFBI using the Ali v. Frazier fight as cover to take the COINTELPRO documents — the audience outside of America watching or listening to the bout (estimated at 250 to 350 million) was most interested in the Vietnam War aspect of it. The world, except us, hated that invasion. Ali was their hero for sacrificing so much by his opposition to the War, and they saw Frazier as a Judas. People watching in other countries were devastated by Ali’s loss. It’s as if the success of finally, indubitably exposing the evils of COINTELPRO was The Cosmos setting things in balance.

      • Antonio D'Antonio says:

        Because of what I did for a living, I was actually able to see and work with COINTELPRO documents.
        I’ll just leave it at that.
        Definitely not proud of how that program was used and what it was used for.

    • Roy W Kornbluth says:

      thanks for that great Betty Medsger article in The Intercept. Very profound, cosmic. To think that:

      — anti-Vietnam War Ali squared off against pro-VN War Frazier in Ali’s first major fight since his 1967 draft-resistance conviction. Frazier popular at the Nixon White House, Ali not.
      — the world watching/listening, truly the Fight of the Century.
      — using that fight as a distraction, the “Citizens Committee to Investigate the FBI” liberated more than 1,000 FBI records from the Media, PA office.
      — this led to exposure of the highly illegal COINTELPRO, which had planted false evidence against war protesters and Black Panthers, may have killed Fred Hampton. Only the tip of the iceberg. Which led to Congressional investigations and major reforms.

      Muhammed Ali really took one for the team. The fight started late, lasted late. He was KO’ed in the 15th round with a devastating left hook. The worst loss of The Greatest’s career. Ended around midnight. And the heroic CCIFBI needed about all that time.

      Post WW2 FBI didn’t have much interest in fighting real crime and criminals. I imagine G-man thinking went something like this from the 1950s on: “Listen, we’ll keep an eye on the idealistic young folk, especially the co-eds, and let local law enforcement worry about the international gangs of extortioners and murderers.”

  2. Thank you SH,

    Sibel Edmonds is always brilliant and full of substance backed by solid sources.


  3. Ronnie Wayne says:

    Was Oswald affiliated with Cointelpro?
    He is connected to Ex FBI Bannister in New Or Leans via his “office” there and Bannister’s fury over having the address on the pamphlets Ozzie was handing out. They appear to have been drawing out commies’s…

  4. Russ Tarby says:

    does anyone disagree that without COINTELPRO, Fred Hampton — and who knows how many others — might still be alive…?

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