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  1. I particularly like PV’s book on serial killers as I believe those responsible for the Daley Plaza operation were serial killers who did it before and did it again, and now, as with the ultimate organized serial killer Ted Bundy – we know the covert intelligence operational modus operandi we had to learn.


  2. thanks, Tom…
    I guess all formats have their advantages and disadvantages…
    in any case, let’s hope that Parker’s Volumes 3 and 4 can open our eyes about Oswald’s “defection.”

    1. And thank you, Russ. Your review was greatly appreciated.

      I do have an answer regarding the defection. It’s not one previously suggested in any of the literature (as far as I am aware).

      Though it plays out in a popular ballpark, to thoroughly mix my metaphors, the dancing partners are not what we’ve been led to believe, and the aims of the actors are chalk and cheese.

      The answer is not in the existing or yet to be released files. It is inadvertently given in a memoir with no direct connection to the “defection”.

      1. Hey George/Greg —

        EXCELLENT eye-opening work!
        will you be publishing Volumes 3 and 4 together in book form? I can’t wait…

  3. Hi Tom —
    I don’t understand your comment, exactly.
    I suppose you could construe my endorsement of Parker’s books as an “advertisement,” but I’m simply suggesting that his book would be of interest to students of Oswald’s biography…
    and I totally missed your mention of “one-third the price of your…”
    I gladly paid $19.99 for the book. So what if the kindle edition is cheaper?
    please advise…

    1. Russ, I purchased the two kindle editions when they were the only offering. When I later noticed the paperback double volume, I was surprised at the price difference. I guess there is no easy way to verify if there is more content in the paperback. I was reluctantly converted to kindle on PC, laptop, or tablet, only because book content is searchable and text can be copied and pasted. If I could afford it, I’d prefer purchasing print editions of books as well as kindle editions as a finding aid and an internet presentation tool.

      1. The price of the ebooks was set at the lower end of average price range to make them affordable. When it was decided to combine the volumes for a paperback edition, the price was set at the relative cost of production in comparison to the ebooks.

        The books were published under my own publishing banner, but actually produced by a publishing facilitator (which is where the initial costs come in). When vol two came out, I began discounting volume one (ebook) at the facilitator’s suggestion. However feedback from readers suggests that the cheaper the book, the lower the expectations of quality. That said, those who took that risk (pre-paperback) expressed surprised at the amount of new research they got for their dollar.

        I’ll take this opportunity to reiterate the reason for the books. I had been freely sharing my research on various forums for 14 years only to see it disappear to page 2,858 or else turn up (sometimes uncredited) in other books, and more often than not, used in ways inconsistent with where my own research was heading. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

        It is certainly not a grab for money – which is the kind of agenda-driven mud-throwing that I sometimes get.

        I hope this clears up the pricing issue, Tom, but if not, ask further questions.

  4. Looking forward to Greg R. Parker’s Volumes 3 and 4 of “Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War.” Volumes 1 and 2 lead up to the “defection” to the U.S.S.R., and include an appendix titled “Oswald ‘Defection’ Chronology, Part A,” an insightful synopsis of U.S.-U.S.S.R relations and related events from December 1941 to June 1958.
    I highly recommend Parker’s first two volumes compiled into one 347-page book.

  5. That was a nice gathering of Oswald’s whereabouts in Russia, I must say.

    There are other jewels there as well, especially the one on the Cathars. Angleton’s wife was a specialist in that field. I can see why.

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