What does the CIA want to hide most about the JFK story?


  1. Kennedy63 says:

    Jeff, your undefeatable approach to wrestling files from the CIA is both commendable and appreciated. I’ve often wondered if, rather than follow the Warren Commission down the rabbit hole about the events surrounding JFK’s assassination, we should look more closely at the 4 organizations that had the capability to effect a coup d’etat in America, in 1963. My conjecture’s trajectory leads to the CIA/Military, CIA/Anti-Castro Cubans, CIA/Mafia, and CIA|Operations. After all, the CIA was the foremost coup staging agency post-WWII. The Agency expressly adopted a policy of regime change, in association with the above groups, in furtherance of maintaining the economic and geo-political status quo. Sometimes, these coups were personally motivated, as in the case of Dulles and his ilk, vis a vis the United Fruit Company (Cuba, Guatemala, Panama, and Dominican Republic).

  2. Ger Ven says:

    What does the CIA want to hide most about the JFK story ?

    Motive :

    Did JFK sign his death warrant by firing CIA chief?

    -Jerome Corsi, Who Really Killed Kennedy (wnd.com, 9/19/13)


  3. Bill Banks says:

    Spies can be very tricky. Stupidity as such… Why use term of “routing indicator” for an actual person? Not much sense in claiming that a couch is actually a water fountain. Could the term have had a specific meaning to CIA or JMWAVE back then not obvious at this point in time?

  4. Bogman says:

    Sorry to beat the same drum, but it’s obvious and needs to be said because it’s the clearest proof of a conspiracy to obstruct justice: its relationship with the DRE during the time of Oswald.

    Helms hired Joannides… William Kent preceded Joannides in managing the DRE… David Atlee Phillips founded and guided the group and was said to have kept tabs on it…

    All four CIA officials knew the agency was involved with the DRE during LHO’s interactions with the group in New Orleans. And all lied, or kept their mouths shut or actively subverted federal investigations.

    And the agency as an institution continues the obstruction TODAY…

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