Violent deaths forced Congress to re-open the JFK investigations

In 1976, Congress re-opened the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy after three key witnesses died violent deaths within a year.

Gaeton Fonzi, one of the congressional investigators, explained how the deaths of Johnny Rosselli, Sam Giancana, and George de Mohrenschildt in 1975-76 forced a reluctant Congress to act.

Fonzi’s comments are especially incisive on whether the government can investigate itself. The record is not encouraging, indicating that outside pressure–not inside politics–is what has forced the truth about JFK’s assassination onto the historical record.

Fonzi’s posthumously published interview with retired Cuban intelligence officer, Fabian Escalante, is a natural follow-up to this video.

Click to read, “And Why, By the Way, Is Fidel Castro Still Alive?” by Gaeton Fonzi

Bill O’Reilly: JFK Fibber

Note that when Fonzi recounts the suicide of George De Mohrenschildt, a friend of accused assassin Lee Oswald, he says he heard the news from “a journalist friend” in Dallas.

His friend was Bill O’Reilly, then an up and coming Dallas TV reporter, now a famous Fox News talk show host. In his book Killing Kennedy O’Reilly claimed he was outside De Mohrenschildt’s door when he killed himself.

This video is additional corroborating evidence that O’Reilly was actually in Dallas on that day. It confirms what I told Brian Stelter on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” show:  O’Reilly lied about being present at De Mohrenschildt’s house on the day of his suicide.


Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account yet of the JFK records that the CIA is still concealing in 2016 and why they should be made public in October 2017.






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  1. Jack Kennedy was shot 3 times. First in the trachea. Noted in the zapruder film. Documented in Parkland ER. The second Wound was in the middle right side of the back just above where the back brace was. This wound was self-limiting and only penetrated a few centimeters.The third shot was to the front of the head. This documentation was altered by Arlen Specter and signed off by Gerald Ford. Both men acknowledged falsifying the autopsy report. This alone is obstruction of justice and is tantamount to conspire.

  2. Where is this footage from? Is it possible to see the whole thing? I would love to see some interviews of Richard Sprague, Robert Tanenbaum, Gaeton Fonzi and others who were in the trenches during the HSCA investigation.

  3. To this potential Hit List, from the book by that name you can add the following “coincidental deaths” from the period. Starting on page 201 with the six top FBI officials who died in six months, Prior To Their Testimony. William Sullivan in particular was the main FBI figure involved with the CIA’s Executive Action operation targeting Castro. He predicted his death in an accident. Some have questioned the circumstances.
    Nicoletti was mentioned, but not I think that he scheduled to appear before the HSCA.
    Former Cuban President Carlos Prio Socarras was being sought to testify when he committed suicide.
    Let’s not forget the murder of high level CIA agent John Paisley.
    Not mentioned in this book I read recently some where of CIA contract agent/weapons specialist Mitch Werbel(?) wlso commited suicide during this time.
    And then Joannides was called out of retirement to stonewall Dan Hardway and others.


    1. If there was an edit function on this website this post would read: Some have questioned the circumstances of his being shot accidentally by a young but experienced hunter with vague statements about the ordeal.

  4. Obviously proves? The majority of forensic pathologists and wound ballistic authorities who examined the film would disagree. Duncan MacPherson, wound ballistic authority and author of “Bullet Penetration” with little interest in the JFK event stated {anybody believing in a shot from the front knows little about ballistics and even less about physics}. So, who is a shot from the front obvious to?

    1. Paul,

      I heartily disagree. Let me suggest you read the essay Cyril Wecht MD, JD published in the Spring issue of the Association of Firearm and Toolmark Examiners. On-line, here:

      Inter alia, we wrote:

      Quote on:

      For the purposes of this discussion let us suppose that the
      hypothetical killer on the grassy knoll was armed with a .30-
      .30 rifle … (which) happens to have a muzzle velocity (2200ft/
      sec) very close to that of the Carcano, and fires a 170 grain
      bullet, slightly larger than the Carcano bullet. At 30 yards the
      projectile would have struck at a velocity of approximately
      2100 fps … the momentum on impact with the head would be
      50 ft-lb/sec. If one postulates a hunting bullet (in accordance
      with the X-ray evidence) (sic) which is designed to mushroom
      and deposit its energy at the wound instead of a fully jacketed
      bullet, we will allow a deposit of 80% of the momentum,
      leaving a residual velocity for the exiting bullet. This
      results in a momentum applied to the target of 40 ft-lb/sec;
      considerably more than Sturdivan’s stingy allowance of 18.4
      ft-lb/sec. It is important to realize that at the time Kennedy
      was struck with the fatal shot at Z-312-3, he had most likely
      been paralyzed by the shot through the base of the neck (as
      Mr. Sturdivan admits57). Consequently, his head was lolling
      forward, not supported by the muscles of the neck. This fact
      tends to minimize the damping effect (that so troubled Mr.
      Sturdivan) from the absorption of shock by the neck until after
      the head has snapped back. Assuming a head weight of 12 lbs,
      the velocity imparted to the head would be approximately 3.3
      feet per second … .”58 (The same speed of the test skulls that
      Mr. Sturdivan reported in his book, though in JFK’s case it
      might have even been faster as most estimates put the weight
      of a human head at 10-11 lbs.59)

      From the study of the Zapruder film by Josiah Thompson, the
      observed rearward velocity for the head was roughly 1.6 feet
      per second after frame 313.

      Thomas concludes, “Even given the uncertainty about the
      exact weight of the President’s head and the residual velocity
      of the bullet, the observed movement of the President’s head
      is well within the range, if anything less, than expected from
      the momentum imparted by the impact of a rifle bullet.”60

      End quote

      You’ll find lots of pro-Warren medical and forensic myths demolished in our essay, things like Kennedy’s backward lunge being a “decorticate” or a “decerebrate” reaction, etc., etc., etc.

    2. JFK was struck by TWO bullets to the head. The first bullet struck almost on the top of his head and exited the right temple area. The second bullet struck the left side of JFK’s head and came from a handgun fired from an assassin on the Grassy Knoll.

      Warning: the following image clip is disturbing. Credit Gerda Dunkel

      Watch JFK’s right elbow and arm. It shows when he was struck by the second shot to head. The two bullets struck the President in less than one half second, that is why it is hard to distinguish.

      1. This is a correction to my previous post.
        I said the second shot struck the “left” side of the Presidents head and came from the Knoll. I should have said the second shot struck the RIGHT side of the Presidents head and came from a handgun fired from an assassin on the Grassy Knoll

      1. ??

        Wouldn’t that depend on where the bullet hit JFK in the head? If it’d “grazed” the top, right front, entering from the knoll, it might do exactly what we see in the Z film.

  5. “In 1976, Congress re-opened the investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy after three key witnesses died violent deaths within a year.”

    No actually Congress re-opened the JFK assassination investigation after Robert Groden and Dick Gregory showed the Zapruder Film on national TV on Geraldo Rivera’s ABC TV show in 1975.

    For millions of Americans this was the first time they saw the Zapruder film and the “back and to the left” head snap of JFK, which obviously proves a head kill shot from the Grassy Knoll area and that obviously proves the US government and LIFE magazine had been lying to millions of Americans about there not being a high level domestic American conspiracy in the JFK assassination.

    That is why the HSCA was formed: because millions of Americans suddenly *knew* that they had been lied to by the government (Johnson Administration, Warren Commission) about JFK’s death.

  6. I think Johnny Rosselli is a key figure and personality in the JFK assassination story. He seems to have been a vital link between the CIA (particularly Bill Harvey), organised crime (his own and Sam Giancana’s involvement in the Castro assassination plots, John Martino as well), anti-Castro Cubans, and their corporate sponsors and supporters (the likes of Pawley/Luce). Rosselli was clearly a highly formidable operator, Peter Dale Scott seems to think he was involved with Standard Fruit as well. Added to all this was the saga of Judith Campbell. A completely toxic and volatile mix.

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