The unknown role of James Angleton in the events of 1963



The Ghost: The Secret Life of CIA Spymaster James Jesus Angleton.

The Ghost by Jefferson Morley

“Anyone interested in the CIA should not fail to read The Ghost. I encountered James Angleton time and again, not only in the course of research but, one memorable evening, literally. I say ‘memorable’ only because–amongst hundreds of interviews, I have conducted– he indeed came over as a phantom, seemingly cooperative yet always inscrutable. Nobody has focused on him, mined what can be mined, as Jefferson Morley has now done. Essential reading for anyone intrigued by the vital mysteries of U.S. intelligence at a pivotal time in our history.”
—Anthony Summers, Pulitzer Prize Finalist for The Eleventh Day

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6 thoughts on “The unknown role of James Angleton in the events of 1963”

  1. Jeff – I’ve been away from this subject for a while, but came across your website tonight after seeing an article about the upcoming document release on Politico. Was mesmerized by your talk on Angleton and definitely going to order your book. Looking forward to your analysis of the new documents.

  2. Bottomline, Jeff and others have narrowed this down to this:

    If there’s any evidence in the remaining documents that show Joannides was in NO at the time of LHO, or was in contact with him or the anti-Castro Cubans he engaged with, game over. With Helms personally appointing and managing Joannides, that’s a direct line from the assassin to the top hierarchy of the CIA – not rogues. Combined with the continuing surveillance of LHO by Angleton and his staff through Mexico City following NO, the noose draws even tighter.

    We’re one forgotten thread away from solving this case, IMHO.

  3. This is all very interesting. Angleton obviously had some inkling about Oswald. I still don’t get why Oswald was not under intense surveillance, in light of all the suspicious activities that he was doing. Why was Oswald”given a pass”by the CIA, particularly Angleton?

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