3 thoughts on “The State of the Still-Missing JFK Files”

  1. Anthony Bartlett

    I’m new to this site, don’t wish to hijack this post Brandon, but maybe you could tell me how to post a query?
    I’ve a question on the Daltex building.
    I’ve read many books on the assassination, the latest being by Jefferson Morley ‘The Ghost’
    I’m from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
    Thankyou, Tony.

  2. Jeff::::: I just watched the complete interview you did on c span in Dec. 2021. You did an excellent interview .Excellent. I see you are a very realistic man who is aggressively seeking the facts about the J.F.K. assisanation. Thanks a thousand times. You said all the files may never be released and you may be right. But mark my words ,me being a man that was entered into the mafia at the age of 4 years old ,I promise you the mafia wants the truth to come out and they will not give the government much longer to release the truth before they ,rather we will do whatever it takes on our own to get the truth out. When this happens the government will summons all living family members of both familys and me to testify before Congress. This has been a black eye on the mafia and my close and distant family members for close to 60 years. I always knew Hover and the F.B.I. held things over the mafia’s and my family’s heads to get the assassinations done. Until I watched your interview on c span I wasn’t sure about the C.I.A. .Now I believe the C.I.A. did.Im still not sure about L.B.J.s part of it but you said he met with Hover and Hover was the key player in the assassination so L.B.J.s likelyhood of being involved is greater to me after I watched your video. I believe I speak for all my mafia family members when I say we will not wait much longer before we take it into our own hands.
    Written by G.W.Hicks. and THANK YOU Jeff Morley for all your hard work. And GOD BLESS AMERICA

  3. Jeff, have you kept up with David Boyland and Larry Hancock’s recent work on the Red Bird leads? They have pretty compelling evidence on the identity of 2 suspicious men at the airport during the week of the assassination. These 2 men also seem to be working for JMWAVE’s deputy chief of station Robert Moore, and claim that Moore was using Gordon Campbell’s identity in 1963. If true, then this would bridge a pretty significant gap where people like Bradley Ayers are saying that they worked under Gordon Campbell training Cuban exile infiltrators in the Everglades and Keys in the summer of ’63… which others refute because Campbell was dead. If Moore tracks back to the Bay of Pigs, and was in position in ’63 to be privy to key information (Oswald and the DRE, JFK’s secret back channel peace talks, and had close operational responsibilities with the most highly trained Cuban exile infiltrators) then he would seem seem to be a prime candidate for a major role in the assassination. What, if anything, do we know about deputy chief of JMWAVE station Robert Moore?

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