The Odd Persistence of a Long-Debunked JFK Conspiracy Theory

Brian Baccus of WhoWhatWhy dispatches with one of the oldest, and least credible, JFK conspiracy theories around: the Russians Done It. And he explains why it persists despite the lack of evidence.

Soviet premier Nikita Khruschev and President John F. Kennedy.

The theory that Oswald was a KGB asset has persisted for decades, despite a lack of evidence. Even the CIA concluded that any contact Oswald had with KGB-affiliated Russians was a “grim coincidence.” (A man claiming to be Oswald did contact the Soviets in Mexico City — but that man was an impostor.) This most recent recycling of the “Oswald and the Russians” story — the JFK assassination’s very own Russiagate — follows a predictable pattern that appears every time there’s a release of JFK records. It happened in 2017 and during the 1990s.So, what gives? Why does the media gravitate toward the Oswald/KGB “revelation” every few years rather than any of the other more plausible theories?

Source: Why Does the Media Keep Blaming the Russians for JFK’s Assassination? – WhoWhatWhy

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