The Majority Report: “The Lone Gunman theory …. has gotten less credible over time.”

Where do we stand with the JFK assassination story after Biden’s data dump on December 15, 2021.
Here’s my best take. I spoke to CSPAN on December 20, with my comments smartly excerpted and discussed here by @MattLech and @EmmaVigeland.

2 thoughts on “The Majority Report: “The Lone Gunman theory …. has gotten less credible over time.””

  1. In pointing out (as you do in the first clip) that the CIA has been monitoring Oswald for 4 years by the time of the assassination, are you per se dismissing all suggestions that Oswald was part of a longer-term CIA project? For example, do you reject those who have based research and developed books on the idea of the Oswald “doppelgängers” operation dating back as far as the immediate post-WWII era?

  2. The lone gunman theory has never been credible. Because it was based upon the PROTOCOL discussed in the Katzenbach/Moyers memos, not based on evidence. Case in point, the B.S. protocol about how “(The public must be satisfied that) the evidence is such that Oswald would have been convicted at trial”, even though earlier that day, before Oswald was killed, FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover told President Johnson, and I quote, “The evidence (against Oswald) as it stands right now is not very very strong…not strong enough to be able to obtain a conviction”.

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