The lost ‘truth’ of JFK’s assassination 

Two Australian professors Suzie Gison and Dean Biron says the truth about JFK’ assassination is lost forever.

I’m more optimistic. The combination of social change, technological progress and new information can have transformational effects, as the story of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings demonstrates.

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  1. [Jeff:]
    “The combination of social change, technological progress”

    Not to be picky, but we should consider science AND technology as separate influencers, instead of lumping them together, Jeff.

    For instance, the general availability of faster computers with more memory, etc. allows the Dale Myers fraud to be unmasked by common people who do not enjoy the sponsorship of ABC News.

    All what you see here is TECHNOLOGY:

    However, the most critical factor, which grows slower but has a more profound, devastating, incontrovertible effect is SCIENCE:

  2. Lots of the truth has been lost forever. My big criticism of the research and conspiracy community is that it doesn’t aim at the same things.
    I want the CIA’s culpability to be addressed, and then the consequences of that acted upon. In the future only the impact this event had on democracy will matter. For worse most likely, but hopefully for the better.

  3. Photon – I spent years checking every thing Adele Edisen said since she first came out using an alias like you except she had a legitimate fear – while you are just hiding from silly conspiracy theorists who only challenge your staid beliefs and stupid arguments, Everything Adel said checked out except Col./De. Jose Rivera – US Army Reserve Medical Corps – knew Oswald’s New Orleans address and landlord’s phone number two weelks before Oswald knew where he was going to live, and I now, after reading his 800 page military file, that he did know and was associated with those who were manipulating Oswald.

    We know who was manipulating Oswald and Edisen and why they used aliases, but who is manipulating Photon and what is his real mission among us?

    1. H.P. Albarelli Jr.

      I wish I felt that confident about Adele’s story….I studied it for years,spent hours talking to her, wrote about it, read Rivera’s various personnel files,all the misinformation about his background, and spoke to folks who knew him well, including his family…also, “we know who was manipulating Edisen…” you write. Really? do we?

      1. An excerpt from a comment I submitted last December 17 –
        I cannot vouch for the reliability of Adele Edisen’s claims because, putting myself in her place to the extent it is possible, I’d like to
        think I would be more relentless in seeking evidence to back such extraordinary claims, than I sense she has been. The observation that Dr. Col. Rivera’s daughter remains nonplussed about Adele Edisen’s claims against her father to the point of leaving public access to her Facebook profile family photos of Dr. Col. Rivera, her own friends list, including the name of the CBS 60 Minutes producer, and that producer
        leaving her own FB friends list public with Linda Rivera King’s name included, seems confirmation that Edisen has not been forceful enough.
        Col. Jose A. Rivera accused in this letter, sent to the HSCA, in 1976. He was cleared, when?

        Shortly after I sent this tweet to Kyra Darnton, she no longer had the 60 Minutes producer on her (Kyra’s) FB friend’s list.:

        Ms. Darnton is:
        The New York Times
        Aug 30, 2013 – A look at Retro Report’s season, and an invitation to readers to suggest which … Kyra Darnton, who worked as a producer for “60 Minutes,” is Retro Retro Report’s managing editor, overseeing a staff of 12 journalists and 6 contributors..

        Kyra Darnton’s “foot in the door” for her journalism career was not hurt by her being John Darnton’s daughter.:
        In 2009 former New York Times editor John Darnton was named curator of the George Polk Awards.[5]
        25 April, 2015
        Shortly after I posted the details above, I found that Dr. Col. Rivera’s daughter, Linda Rivera King, was Facebook friends with CBS 60 Minutes prodiucer Merri Lieberthal Aldunate, wife since 1990 of Linda Rivera King’s first cousin, Carlos Aldunate.

        The siblings of Jose A Rivera’s wife, Anna, moved after their parents died (father John Jacobson in 1912, mother Emma before 1930) to nearby Bear Creek, Luzerne County, PA.

        If you peruse the Wikipedia articles of Bear Creek and Bear Creek village, it seems to defy the odds that Jose A. Rivera’s in-laws and the family of Frank C. Carlucci III could both be associated with such thinly populated places and yet the backgrounds of these two MIC insiders were entirely random and distinct from each other….

        Adele Edisen will turn 88 years soon, it will be up to others to publicize her claims.

  4. “The definitive document here is Vincent Bugliosi’s monumental Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (2007), a book that runs to an astonishing 1,600 pages.”

    This is a quite hilarious quote from the article. For those new to this case, I invite you to read some excellent counter-points to the “definitive document”:

    And Pat Speers’s excellent article:

    The JFK case is hardly “lost forever.” To the contrary, there are many, many viable pieces of evidence proving a conspiracy, and that Krazy Kid Oswald – as he said himself before he was assassinated – was framed. I think some people are just too lazy, too blind, or both, to really dig and analyze things for themselves and then draw their own conclusions.

    1. Lawrence Schnapf

      while you’re looking at Reclaiming History, turn to pages 986-87. this is where he bears his heart and shows why he and many others are simply emotionally incapable of believing there was a conspiracy. It would destroy the fiction of what they think our country reall is…much in the same way Ball Four ruined the myth around Mickey Mantle-my childhood idol.

  5. 11/22/1963, marks:1) the day JFK was murdered and 2) a date, from which, there was a transformation of USA system of government. Both can be studied independently and each may have occured
    independently of the other. However, the more one studies these subjects, it seems impossible not to accept a correlation and inter-relationship between #1 and #2 above. The questions to ask are what type of government do we now have and how did this occur. One cannot simply focus on the murder and then dismiss it as being ‘unsolvable’. Nor should one neglect studying our current form of government or dismiss that study as being ‘unnkowable.

    1. “The questions to ask are what type of government do we now have and how did this occur. One cannot simply focus on the murder and then dismiss it as being ‘unsolvable’. Nor should one neglect studying our current form of government or dismiss that study as being ‘unnkowable.”
      ~Anthony Martin

      Yes I agree, but that is pretty heady stuff for the average Amerikan consumer, who likely has never actually read the Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence, let alone the history surrounding the penning of these two documents.

      Two key issues are of grave importance in grasping how deeply seated in ultra vires the current syndicate squatting in DC. They are [1]the Myth of Executive Privilege as expounded upon by Raoul Berger. [2] the expansion of Presidential War Powers beyond the scope granted in the Constitution as expounded upon by Louis Fisher.

      These two issues combined give the chief executive unquestioned dictatorial powers in the current era – post WWII, where war is waged without a Congressional Declaration of War. The so-called “War powers Act” was in fact congressional abdication of the war powers, and utterly unconstitutional.

      The historical ignorance of the people of the US is profound; perhaps insurmountable at this point.

      1. Mr. Whitten, I agree with your addditional analysis; but if the the average American ‘consumer’ doesn’t start figuring this all out, we are all screwed (maybe we are all past redemption at this point). I am not holding out for a mass epiphany, but at least there a few suggesting that the idiots think, rationally and critically, for a change! Somebody has to be the messenger, a thankless job. Here’s to profound change.

    2. It was simply part of an ongoing plan that even Thomas Jefferson warned about and it’s all about greed, power, envy and control….

  6. I am personally troubled by this common strain in academia and mainstream journalism to lump in JFK lone-nut doubters into this “conspiracy theory” bucket with people who believe in things like Roswell, treating the entire group as having some kind of clinical condition.

    No one doubts that conspiracies have changed countless governments over the course of human history. Some of these conspiracies, like in Iran in the 1950s, are known to have been perpetrated by the CIA. Mainstream historians in the US even grudgingly accept this now, though they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to it.

    As the article points out, the assassination of Oswald by someone like Jack Ruby would be enough to give any rational person pause. The article does not mention the relatively recent developments around Mexico City, that at a minimum suggest much deeper CIA involvement with Oswald than has been revealed to date.

    1. Jason L.
      February 12, 2016 at 11:59 am

      “Some of these conspiracies, like in Iran in the 1950s, are known to have been perpetrated by the CIA.”

      Are you suggesting that the CIA did this without presidential approval?

      1. “Are you suggesting that the CIA did this without presidential approval?”~Bill Clarke

        Is Bill Clarke suggesting that CIA did not manipulate the intelligence in order to gain presidential approval? Do you think that Kermit Roosevelt was not an agent of the oil industry? Rather than an agent of State or the Executive branch?

        1. Willy Whitten
          February 12, 2016 at 1:57 pm

          “Are you suggesting that the CIA did this without presidential approval?”~Bill Clarke

          “Is Bill Clarke suggesting that CIA did not manipulate the intelligence in order to gain presidential approval?”

          It depends on the particular incident I think, Willy. In the Bay of Pigs I think it clear the CIA played loose with the facts to get the operation approved by JFK. Perhaps the same is true for the overthrow of Ngo Dinh Diem. I believe in Iran and Guatemala it was more the desire of the president instead of the CIA.

      2. Bill Clarke,

        With all due respect yo you, who give’s a rat’s ass if the president knew about the overthrow or not? It is still ILLEGAL. It is MORALLY WRONG. Both the president and the head of the CIA should have been sent to PRISON. I know you are a Vietnam Vet, and you have my ultimate respect, but asking if the president knew about the overthrow is pointless, is it not? The bottom line is the United States toppled a foreign government so Americans could make scads and scads of money. Bill, ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, whether it is done by the president or a governor.

        1. Steve Stirlen
          February 12, 2016 at 2:39 pm

          Thanks for the kind words Steve and I really don’t think we are too far apart here. I need to be more clear about what I mean.

          “but asking if the president knew about the overthrow is pointless, is it not? The bottom line is the United States toppled a foreign government so Americans could make scads and scads of money. Bill, ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL, whether it is done by the president or a governor.”

          I agree here Steve. With our recent round about Allen Dulles some here indicated that Dulles went around overthrowing countries without presidential approval. This was the false point I was trying to point out. Of course the president doing it doesn’t make it a bit more moral. But it is a chain of command thing. If we blame the CIA for something best we look at blaming the president.

      3. Not necessarily, I’m suggesting that thinking the JFK assassination was a kind of coup isn’t crazy in the same sense as thinking that the world is run by lizard men in human disguises, and to suggest such a thing is just a cheap (but sometimes effective) slur.

        The CIA was by 1963 very skilled at political murder and regime change. And there’s evidence that suggests elements of the CIA were involved in attempts to link Oswald with both the Cubans and the Soviets (Kostikov) right before the assassination. This is highly suggestive.

        The thing that keeps a lot of people from making the obvious link between Iran in 1954 and 11/22/63 is the belief in American exceptionalism (i.e. we’re not a Banana Republic, this can’t happen here, etc.). In my view, this is the reason everything was covered up and you can see this in evidentiary items like the Katzenbach memo. Whatever really happened, the ruling elite in the US didn’t want the world to see that we’re just a country like every other country (even though the real world players already knew and still know). The murder of the President, whether by a domestic or international conspiracy, would make us look too much like other countries who had their leaders murdered (some by our very own CIA).

          1. “They sure did a great job offing Castro.”

            That was one of their rare failures

            They had a lot more successes in terms of offing or overthrowing world leaders

          2. CIA actually offing Castro would have been counterproductive to them. Gotta keep that funding rolling in. Of course I mean the accountable funding, aside from the proceeds of the drugs and guns etc. they are known to have been involved in.

        1. Lawrence Schnapf

          The reason many cant believe in a conspiracy is because what it means about our country. its a form of false patriotism. Indeed, Bugliosi’s exposition on pages 986-87 of Reclaiming History. If what we believe was true, it would mean we are no better than the Europeans or worse, like a banana republic. It would expose the lie of American Exceptionalism.

          1. Lawrence Schnapf
            February 23, 2016 at 1:42 am

            I think you are greatly over-thinking the problem here and I don’t think this is the answer at all.

            I believe, “The reason many cant believe in a conspiracy is because” one would have to buy into an awful lot of BS to do so. I realize this simple explanation isn’t going to be popular with you but it certainly deserves consideration.

            I believe the problem comes from the group of people that just can not stand the thought that some wormy little malcontent killed their prince. It just can’t be! I think it can be and I think it, tragically, was.

          2. “It would expose the lie of American Exceptionalism.”~Lawrence Schnapf

            That is exactly what is at the core of this divide. A clinging to the myth that is not supportable by historical facts.

            That “jingo” brand of patriotism that screeches “My country right or wrong”. When some greater majority of “the People” haven’t the vaguest idea of what the Constitution says, or even why the 4th of July is celebrated.

            A people living in the belly of the Beast of Empire who think they still live in a constitutional republic are a people doomed to extinction. They are victims of their own hubris.

          3. “The people who own the country ought to govern it.”~John Jay
            . . .
            The Trilateral Commission


            . . .
            The Theory of Political Propaganda
            ~Harold D. Lasswell

            The Theory of Political Propaganda. Propaganda is the management of collective attitudes by the manipulation of significant symbols. The word attitude is taken to mean a tendency to act according to certain patterns of valuation. The existence of an attitude is not a direct datum of experience, but an inference from signs which have a conventionalized significance.
            . . .


          4. “Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: 1. Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes. 2. Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depository of the public interests. In every country these two parties exist, and in every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare themselves. Call them, therefore, Liberals and Serviles, Jacobins and Ultras, Whigs and Tories, Republicans and Federalists, Aristocrats and Democrats, or by whatever name you please, they are the same parties still and pursue the same object. The last one of Aristocrats and Democrats is the true one expressing the essence of all.”~Thomas Jefferson to Henry Lee, 1824. ME 16:73

      4. How can we know for certain one way or the other?

        What do you think drove Eisenhower to give his MIC speech?

        As for JFK, do you think he was aware of and approved of the CIA plots to assassinate Fidel Castro? (I’m agnostic on this question but have seen more accounts that suggest Kennedy opposed assassinations of Heads of State and likely didn’t approve of the assassination plots)

        1. Neil, this assessment of Eisenhower’s evolution leading to his MiC speech is as plausible as any I’ve read on the topic. Why would he wait 8 years to warn Americans of the behemoth that clearly grew under his watch?

          ‘By 1959 Eisenhower had begun to see private military contractors as a self-interested, malign actor in the budget process. In a June meeting with legislative leaders about defense appropriations, he questioned an additional $85 million that had been put into the ATLAS program, an early intercontinental ballistic missile. Congressman Gerald Ford tried to reassure him with a variety of explanations: the Air Force had recently revised its cost estimates; the increase was much less than what many in Congress were proposing; other parts of the missiles appropriation had been reduced. But Eisenhower was not persuaded. According to the meeting notes, “The President protested the political pressures that the munitions industry brings to bear on the Congress, and especially the resort to full-page advertisements such as that by Boeing in regard to the BOMARC. He thought it was clear that other elements than the basic defense of the country were entered into the handling of these problems.”’ — James Ledbetter


    2. Based on a sampling of comments I see on Facebook and online, a growing number of people believe the Sandy Hook school shooting was staged. That’s very troubling

      I agree that the JFK assassination is a completely different category and shouldn’t be lumped together with wacky conspiracy theories

      1. Why? When so many of the ” facts” of conspiracy theory are based on falsehoods-like the Carlos Hathcock lie, the errors of Tink Thompson that have been floating around unchallenged years, the baseless slander oh Talbot that I have proven wrong, the false witnesses like Beverly Arnold, Cheryl McKinnon and Adele Edelsen whose statements can be refuted with minimal fact checking it is evident to me that Conspiracy theorists are often not interested in the truth.What did Jefferson Morley say about the overwhelming majority of JFK conspiracy theories?

        1. Photon,
          We don’t know your real name or the location of your residence, but if you would extend us the courtesy of revealing the town you reside in, or even the zip code,
          your location should be easy to spot. Even in a metropolis, the number of glass houses is relatively small.

          1. You must have moved Photon. The last time I recall you were commuting along 270 in Montgomery County MD.

          2. Paul May (last time I checked his Facebook account) lives in the Atlanta area, not greater Fredericksburg/Stafford Co. VA. Incidentally that is an area that has ballooned in growth and ugly sprawl in the past thirty years or so.

            But okay, let’s play along with his charade. He’s in Virginia. An FFV? I recall long arguments over whether Thomas Jefferson could have had sexual relations with “that woman” Sally Hemmings, and how up in arms the Virginia historians were over the whole thing, saying it was “a lie”. Denial comes in many forms to try to block politically inconvenient facts. The analogy made to the Sally Hemmings/Thos. Jefferson case is quite a good one.

          3. JSA,
            Do you take me for a fool? Photon and Paul May are two different people. Their comments are consistently associated
            with two distinct IP#’s many hundreds of miles apart. I’ve commented on this already.
            Two unrelated, unconnected individuals who are located where one has commented that he is, and the other is known to be located.

          4. Haven’t lived up there since they stopped referring to the Americam Legion bridge as the Cabin John bridge.I rarely see Sugarloaf .

        2. Photon hasn’t proven anyone wrong. He’s given us no reason to believe that David Talbot “lied” about anything. Aggressively repeating the same charges over and over again, and arrogantly refusing to provide any citations at all, are a bully’s tactics. They have no place in what ought to be an ongoing discussion between intelligent adults about important historical subjects.

          1. Aggressively repeating the same charges over and over again, and arrogantly refusing to provide any citations at all, are a bully’s tactics.

            Giving the commenter the benefit of the doubt, doesn’t this appear less combative?:

            Aggressively repeating the same charges over and over again, and arrogantly refusing to provide any citations at all, are a bully’s tactics, or
            the best efforts of a computer illiterate or internet challenged individual ironically posturing as a highly competent authority.

  7. I agree with Jeff. There is plenty of evidence already out there, with much to come.
    Eventually, future descendants of JFK may authorize an exhumation (it was done with the body of President Taylor), which could confirm or rule out the large occipital wound observed by the Parkland physicians and the Gawler morticians.
    As a trial lawyer, I have learned that no case is perfect; there are always outlier facts that don’t jibe. But the weight of the evidence will eventually prevail. The proposition that LHO, alone, caused all the wounds to JFK and Gov. Connally simply does not stand scrutiny. Just watch Connally after frame 224; this is not a man who has had his rib and wrist fractured. I am familiar with these fractures. The response is immediate, unlike many soft tissue injuries such as the thoracic GSW suffered by JFK before 224.
    For what it is worth, we even have confessions attributed to Traffficante, Roselli and Marcello. These murderers, curiously, remained observant Catholics until death. Maybe they felt the need to unburden their souls before departing…

    1. I agree with you here Ed. The conventional wisdom is that Connally was hit between 225 and 238, but I think a good argument can be made that he wasn’t hit at all until 285 or even later. His wife certainly doesn’t appear to be aware he’s hit until at least 285, and if you examine his testimony, the only time he turns far to his right and then starts turning back forward is between 225 and 285. I personally think that his reaction around 225 could be some kind of startle reaction (perhaps to a ricochet in the car), because he doesn’t give the impression of being gravely wounded for several more seconds.

      1. His wife certainly doesn’t appear to be aware he’s hit until at least 285,

        But she can’t see his face, which is contorted in pain, because he is turned away from her.

        Note that he said he was hit and said “Oh, no, no, no.”

        She said he said that, and then was hit. Which might be a clue that she simply did not know he was hit until well after it happened.

  8. These professors are lost in the Ozone Down Under – only considering two sides to the story when there are more. Both the Lonre Nuts and Conspiracy Theorists have one thing in common – adherence to Eric Hoffer’s True Believer syndrome as they are all convinced they know for certain who killed JFK, while there are others who don’t know who killed JFK and continue the pursuit of the truth.

    Nor do they take into account or even mention the CIA plots to kill Castro – as the Cuban connections are now generally recognized as the key to the crime, and a large part of the still secret records, that they don’t mention either. There are a number of really good JFK assassination researchers in Australia – and they recently held a conference – but these professors have to read more than Bugliosi to get it.

    And “we will never know” is just another fall back position for those whose failed theories are recognized as untenable, as we already know quite a lot and are learning more every day.

  9. The article highlighted above is typical MSM drivel in my opinion. the bias of the authors is illustrated by these examples:

    “The definitive document here is Vincent Bugliosi’s monumental Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (2007), a book that runs to an astonishing 1,600 pages.”~Suzie Gison and Dean Biron

    Also cited within the article are:

    Oliver Stone’s JFK: a basket case for conspiracy
    Alex von Tunzelmann
    JFK: Oliver Stone’s Fictional Reality
    1993 by Edward Jay Epstein

    What would one expect from mainstream propaganda rags like the Guardian, or the Atlantic?

    We are also treated to the usual X-Files analogy to “conspiracy theorists”, that is one of the most lame and trite PR tricks used since the show came out. One might wonder if that is the psychological function that such “entertainment” as the X-Files is meant to serve.

    Opinions vary. Mine continues to be that the JFK assassination case has been solved for decades; that it was a coup d’etat by the System itself.
    The “controversy” is planted by the indoctrination from the System that killed Kennedy.

    1. Willy,

      As to your X-Files reference, I can assure you that the X-Files was a difficult program to keep on the air as long as it was and currently is. Many people in Hollywood worked on the X files and there were many “Script Consultant’s” brought in by the producers, Having been one of those Script Consultant’s after the move to LA from YVR, and what to do with the show with David Duchovny’s, exit etc should it Continue? Can Gillian carry the show etc, at a sit down in Beverly Hills in it was decided the show would go on, Gillian could carry the wait, and a movie would follow. The plot’s are selected by writers and sometimes suggested by Government agencies, or the military for instance asked Stargate to have an episode with a Submarine in the Arctic once, nothing nefarious. Just use a Submarine in the Arctic. The writers and creator of the ex Files had a vision based on the old Night Stalker show, and winged it now for 20 years, the plots are not directed by outside forces. However Comedy on SNL for instance is heavily censored and reviewed as are the Daily show etc…. The Powers that be are for more concerned about Comedy than the X Files plots. I can only comment on the shows I have first hand experience with the creators, and producers. I’m sure much of scripted television is, well assisted in content for political purposes, However the X-Files are not.

      Willy Bova

      1. Mr Bova,

        I was not putting blame on the show. I was putting blame on people who reference the show as a reflection of ‘conspiracy nuts’

        I was a special effects artist in Hollywood for years, I know how the creative process works there. It for the most part is “hit” oriented, looking for success in what has worked before. It is “formula driven” more than anything else.
        Sci-Fi has always been a great genre for the movies and TV.

        I don’t go in for all the “Predictive Programming” theories that are propagated in the ‘Conspiracy Theory Circles’. Art both reflects and generates “reality”, it is a cycle of one influencing the other.

        Are you in any way related to Ben Bova? He is a top notch speculative fiction author, as I’m sure you know.

        1. Willy,

          I am not related to Ben Bova or any other Bova. for over 35 since University years my legal pen name, like Eric Blair who is George Orwell, has been Willy Bova, for Music credits, writing etc, I rarely take credits, as a Writer, Executive Producer, Producer, or underwater Director of Photography,. Willy Bova who called his 59 Plymouth Wagon “The Machine” was a Legendary Channel Cat Fisherman who was a family friend who taught me how to catch Channel Cat’s. In Hollywood or Rock & Roll if you have a common name you need to take a stage name so I took mine in High school to honor a Legendary fisherman. Even David Jones had to become David Bowie, because some Monkey not named David Jones had already taken David Jones, Go Figure.

          Willy Bova

    2. “…perhaps these Aussies should look a bit closer to home. For example: the Nugan-Hand Bank; involvement by CIA both with the Bank in their home country; CIA involvement in the elections in their own country, circa-’75(?), and the receint “discovery of our “Mr. Hand,’receintly on facebook and his location in Idaho(now in Nevada-best place to hide, is in a crowd!), and is wanted by(but will never be extradited to) austrailia for various crimes, etc. sorry, gotta sign off, but have surgery tommorrow!”-DM

      1. “…PS- yes Jeff, I do know “a little bit’ about “LIFELINE:” I was just fisching…see what kind of take i could pull up from you!_DM

  10. It is worth considering that there is still ongoing debate over the Reichstag Fire of 1933 that brought Hitler to dictatorial power. A young Dutch communist was arrested and executed as the perpetrator. Testimony at the Nuremburg trials implicated Hermann Goring of the Nazi leadership as responsible for the fire (a version endorsed by Allen Dulles in his 1947 book “Germany’s Underground”). The Nazis were known to use “false flag” operations to bring about desired momentous consequences (invasion of Poland 1939, for example).

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