The JFK question for the 2016 election

Here’s a question for the presidential contenders of 2016: Will each candidate “declare, unequivocally, his or her intention to release the remaining JFK assassinations records in 2017.”

It is a basic test of the candidates’ commitment to open government and rule of law.

AARC letter 061015
Text of the AARC letter to the 2016 presidential hopeful

The question comes in a letter from Jim Lesar and the board of the Assassination Archives and Research Center in Washington DC. It is addressed to the men and women who seek the highest office in the land in 2016.

Download and share it: The  AARC letter to 2016 presidential candidates.

Presidential politics and JFK records

Politico: Why the last of theJFK records could embarrass the CIA.

Harry Truman’s response to JFK’s assassination.

What Hillary Clinton said about JFK records in 2008. Watch.

3 thoughts on “The JFK question for the 2016 election”

  1. Where is Bill Oriely ?

    Trump has just accused Senator Ted Cruz’s father of associating with Lee Harvey Oswald not long before Oswald assassinated President John F. Kennedy.

    Mr. Trump’s comments, in a Fox News interview, came in the wake of an article in The National Enquirer claiming to have definitive photographic evidence that Rafael Cruz was with Oswald distributing leaflets supporting the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in Louisiana in 1963.

    O’Reilly Lied was caught repeatedly lying about being present at the suicide of a key JFK assassination investigation…

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      “O’Reilly Lied was caught repeatedly lying about being present at the suicide of a key JFK assassination investigation…”

      These are some of the most important reactions to that incident:

      Prof. Jay Rosen:

      Jeff Morley (JFK Facts)

      Senator Al Franken

      Amanda Terkel:

      Jon Stewart:

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