The Heroism of the Miami Herald


This is an apt follow-up to James Galbraith’s “JFK Cover-Up Strikes Again “piece in Project Syndicate.

Every government since Kennedy’s successor, Lyndon Johnson, has had “good reasons” for hiding a truth that might, if revealed to the light of day, cause the nation’s citizens to lose faith in the integrity of its institutions and, more particularly, of its intelligence community.

Source: The Heroism of the Miami Herald

3 thoughts on “The Heroism of the Miami Herald”

  1. This is not a question of losing faith in our institutions, but more likely uncovering an embarrassing secret the will cause a rewrite of the significance of some historical figures. I think we will find that “protectors of realm” 58 years ago missed all the signs leading up to the assassination just like 10 years ago the signs of 911 were overlooked.

  2. This phrase applies to all president since L.B.J.. Meet the new boss,its the same as the old boss.WHO. A foreign power runs this country.Not the elected officials. They do as they are told.

  3. I know I said I would not be commenting no more after Oct.26 but I just have to say that you’ve hit the nail right on the head.

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