The curious story of Oswald’s radio

What this Buzzfeed story confirms is a singular fact rarely discussed in the annals of U.S. intelligence: the CIA did not conduct a counterespionage investigation of an accused president assassin.

Police went to the rooming house and seized everything in his room, including the radio. They gave the radio to the FBI, and then it went to NSA.

Source: Oswald’s Radio?

Why would the CIA men pass up an opportunity to investigate a leftist like Oswald and his possible radio contact with of the Soviet KGB or Cuban DGI?

Mostly likely for a good reason: a serious counterespionage investigation would have revealed that Oswald regular appearance in CIA intelligence gathering operations such as AMSPELL, LIEMPTY, and LIENVOY. To share such inconvenient truths with the Warren Commission would have hurt the CIA and helped the KGB and DGI.

It was better not to talk about Oswald’s radio than to open a can of worms that no one in Washington wanted to look at.



  1. leslie sharp says:

    “*The author is a lawyer and writer in Washington DC. He investigated and reported on the Kennedy assassination for the Senate Intelligence Committee in 1976 and is writing a book on the assassination.

    This post was created by a user and has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed’s editorial staff. BuzzFeed Community is a place where anyone can post awesome lists and creations. Learn more or post your buzz!”

  2. Charles says:

    The lack of a counter-espionage investigation is a “case of the dog that did not bark” from Sherlock Holmes. The dog not barking allowed Holmes infer that the dog must have recognized the murderer of a horse trainer as a friend, not a stranger.

    A distinct lack of curiosity pervades many other small corners of the JFK investigation. It is so odd how officialdom usually portrays itself as competent and professional yet when things go wrong they cheerfully plead weakness, ignorance and stupidity.

  3. Mariano says:

    Just look at the details of the DPD, especially the FBI’s treatment of Minnox associated evidence (as well as the evidence shielded from inquiry) and the characteristics of the existing Minnox camera at the National Archive, to see not only a cover-up, but a lack of curiosity by officialdom about these details.

    Think about the cameras that the respective Minnox films ceased would have to be taken from. Think of the differences between the camera at the archive and the one found by the DPD and the other subsequently taken from Mr Paine and shortly returned to him (Dallas Police actually found a camera originally in Oswald’s possessions and were able to open it up with film inside, yet the article at the Archive is jammed shut, hence the serial number cannot be viewed – how did the
    FBI reference the serial number if this was the case?). The serial number provided for exhibit DL3 is one from an older generation camera (Minnox II) – the exhibit DL3 is the newer Minnox III.
    How did Oswald have in his possession film and equipment that was at the time only really available to government/military/intelligence community in the 50’s and 60’s (if he was indeed the lone madman the official narrative has us believe)?
    It is also interesting that both Oswald and Mr Paine at some time or another are placed with Minnox cameras. Were there two Minnox cameras in the one household? If so, this was quite an interesting household, from a exclusivity perspective.

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Great points Mariano, not that I’m an expert to judge. Why did Rut Paine end up involved in Iran Contra with no intelligence connections? I know Photon, she was there on humanitarian concerns on behalf of the Quakers.

  4. gerry campeau says:

    Oswald radio is one of main reasons why he was sent to Minsk as false defector and why every researcher miss the significance of a small portable battery radio in year 1959.Time to look at your techno knowledge .

    • Ronnie Wayne says:

      Ah, maybe more so on his U2 radar experience at Atsugi (the CIA’s baby).

      • gerry campeau says:

        You have to ask why they placed a rooky in top secret classified U2 sight well soviets placed a suspected spy in research lab using the latest transistor technology . The name of game in 1959 was the Satellite’s replacing U2. Transistors are foundation of microchips and maybe lee knew what he was talking about micro dots with Army Intelligent agent Offstein not CIA.

        • Bill Clarke says:

          Oswald only had a Confidential Security Clearance. As such he would not be privileged to Top Secret material.

          • Oswald had a Crypto Security Clearance. He would most certainly be privy to Top Secret documents pertaining to any assignment he had.

            Security Clearance Central
            News and resources about the process, procedure, & implementation of issuing security clearances. Interaction between the federal government, contractors, corporations, intelligence, spy, counterintelligence, and DoD funded university research and development (R&D). Employment & Military Transistion [TAP] resources.
            TS – Top Secret
            Top Secret-Crypto
            Top Secret-Crypto SCI / TK / G / HCS-P
            Top Secret-Final / Crypto / Polygraph


          • Bill Clarke says:

            Willy Whitten
            November 21, 2015 at 5:00 pm

            Oswald had a Crypto Security Clearance. He would most certainly be privy to Top Secret documents pertaining to any assignment he had.

            No he didn’t. Do you wish to call some of your military experts? Oswald was a Marine. The DOD initiated his clearance and awarded it to Oswald. The DOD has never had a “Crypto” clearance. So Oswald couldn’t have one.

            Other departments do have a crypto clearance but Oswald was not in these groups. He was in the Marines. They have confidential, secret and top secret classifications.

            The following is from the REPORT of the HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON

            As a Marine serving in Atsugi, Japan, Oswald had a security clearance of
            confidential, but never received a higher classification.(180)

            The committee however, reviewed files belonging to four enlisted men who had worked with Oswald either in Japan or
            California and found that each of them had a security clearance of confidential.(182)

          • Bill Clarke,

            The issue of Oswald’s security clearance is an issue of the craft of intelligence. That craft is based in deception.

            For anyone to take anything the so-called “government” says on the matter of spies, then or now, is gullibility in most blatant manifestation.

          • Bill,

            Oswald’s DD 214 would have his Security Clearance Alpha Numeric Coded Number if procedure was the same as 1979. In August 1979 I was Briefed on Security Clearances sequences by the person typing up the Top Secret clearance SCI character string on my DD-214.. In my case the Alpha Numeric coded sequence is rather long and as explained to me, each character represented something related to the information contained in the person’s history with the military or background investigation obtained by the Security clearance investigation. So that was procedure in 1979 during a TDRL type retirement. When Oswald was discharged the TDRL pathway most likely had not yet been created. My particular SCI clearance investigation lasted one year and cost in excess of $100,000 in 1978/9 according to two DIA agents whose discussed the results of the investigation prior to being Granted the Clearance.

            So What’s his DD 214 say? If he was going into the newly created False defector program, as suggested by some, he would have been one of the first, so it is doubtful a Security clearance number or file for a post military assighnment would have been on his military records. As for his history in Monterey California, in 1978/79 all Soldiers who attended the Monterey language institute, or were being trained in Radio Communication Analyst positions, where required to get their Top Secret SCI Clearances prior to attending Training.

            As for the Radio, what was the Frequency range of that model? What type local transmitter’s could have been used to transmit on a Frequency covered by that radio, for local communications?

            According to a Source working for Howard Hughes at the time, John Q Meyer, Who I Know, their was a Skimming operation ongoing supplementing funding of JMWAVE, Operation 40 , and Operation Mongoose that took money from Casino Skim’s in Los Vegas, to Miami in automobiles to fund Gun and Drug running operations, outside of Congressional Budgeting, somewhat like the Iran Contra Affair, that stopped overnight in Dallas on the way to New Orleans, Tampa, and Miami. The Auto Repair place Jack Ruby frequented “may” have been involved in the operation, which ran drugs back to Las Vegas and the other locations along the route, press reports have suggested that the Automobile’s trunk Ruby left the day he Fired the blank, or rather bullet in the basement… that killed Oswald, but left no blood at the Scene, there was blood in the Ambulance…. had a considerable amount of Cash in the Trunk. the Casino drug skim operation involved $20-200 million dollars over the course of the operation according to the source.

            So the Radio could have been used in those operations rather than counter intelligence, it was just a tool that could have been used for communication, or maybe it was just a Transistor radio….

            Willy Bova

          • Photon says:

            Gee Willy, why not say that he had “double secret probation clearence ” if you can’t accept anything the government says?
            If you make stuff up at least get your facts straight At least in the Navy ( and U.S.M.C. for that matter) there were 3 levels of clearence-Confidential, Secret and Top Secret. Even if you were cleared for Top Secret you virtually never got access to that level of information. Even ” Secret” level information was rarely dessiminated outside of individual “need to know” situations.With the tendency to classify everything not in the public realm ( and some that is) the classifications tend toward overkill.
            Virtually everybody gets a Confidential classification.For instance, ship schedules are classified as Confidential -so the entire crew has to be informed at that level.
            The “Crypto” clearence is a myth created by the uninformed.

          • “The “Crypto” clearence is a myth created by the uninformed.”~Photon

            Lol, I find it particular entertaining when someone who buys the mythical Warren Report, uses the term “myth”.

            Is Photon “uninformed”? “misinformed”? or is Photon a “disinformant”?

            Only The Shadow knows!

          • Photon says:

            No Willy, just a veteran with TS clearence.
            What is your military service record?

          • “No Willy, just a veteran with TS clearence.
            What is your military service record?”~Photon

            That in itself is Top Secret.

            If you have a TS clearance, why do you consistently misspell clearance?

          • Tom S. says:

            I am considering selecting the post of the week right now !

          • Photon says:

            Tough to hit the right buttons on the smart phone.

          • I have the feeling that our “friend” Photon is pretending to be a graduate of an apple less.

          • Charles says:

            Photon a Navy Officer…WELL SHOOT !!!!! Why didn’t somebody tell me for cryin out loud…..

            I can introduce him to a certain retired Navy Intel Officer who edited Naval Intelligence Professionals Quarterly who, if you befriend him, also believes he has it on very, very good authority that JFK was victim of a coup. NO JOKE.

          • Bill Clarke says:

            Willy Whitten
            November 22, 2015 at 9:00 am

            Bill Clarke,

            The issue of Oswald’s security clearance is an issue of the craft of intelligence. That craft is based in deception.

            Horse apples. Oswald was a low ranking Marine. He got his Security Clearance from the DOD; confidential, secret and top secret. No “Crypto”!

          • gerry campeau says:

            Bill Clarke Are you saying that top secret classified U2 sight at Atsugi is not Top Secret

          • Bill Clarke says:

            gerry campeau
            November 23, 2015 at 10:19 am

            Bill Clarke Are you saying that top secret classified U2 sight at Atsugi is not Top Secret.

            No Gerry, I’m not saying that. I’m sure there was a lot of Top Secret stuff going on there. But that doesn’t mean everyone present there received a Top Secret.

          • JohnR says:

            Mr. Clarke. I’m not disagreeing with you about what security clearance Oswald did or did not have. You’re wrong, though, about there being no such thing as a Crypto clearance. It does exist. It’s one of many subheadings of the Top Secret clearance. They’re called SCI, or Sensitive Compartmental Information, and SAP, Special Access Program, though that doesn’t seem to apply in this case. It’s the clearance given to the enlisted rating Cryptologic Technician. I knew one in the navy. He spoke Arabic. God knows what he’s doing now, or where, or for whom. It was a lot of fun hanging out with him in Egypt. This is the current day recruiting page:


            I know this proves very little with regards to Oswald. But he was a Marine, and the Marines are part of the Navy, so to speak.

          • leslie sharp says:

            Not to suggest Oswald’s position at Jaggers Chiles warranted an elevated security clearance … perhaps he was responsible for nothing but the Dymo gun … but he was working in a contained environment around classified material so who was protecting that material from his access? or was he cleared for that access?

          • Ronnie Wayne says:

            The U2 was a Top Secret CIA Operation.
            So your asking me to believe that a radar operator tracking this Top Secret plane flying over the Soviet Union from a Top Secret heavily guarded portion of Atsugi had No Top Secret clearance? He knew how high it was flying, way above “normal” aircraft levels. He probably did not know the capabilities of the photographic equipment or the engineering that it allowed it to fly so high but NO Top Secret Clearance? Limited to his area of training? Yes. Would the CIA just pick some radar operator from El Toro and tell him track this, log the information, but keep your mouth shut, don’t tell anybody?
            No. He would have been cleared for the portion of the operation he was involved in to the level of it.

          • Bill Clarke says:

            November 23, 2015 at 6:56 pm

            Mr. Clarke. I’m not disagreeing with you about what security clearance Oswald did or did not have. You’re wrong, though, about there being no such thing as a Crypto clearance. It does exist.

            Yes, it exist in other agencies but not in the military. The Department of Defense issues the security clearance for all the military branches, including the Marines that Oswald was a member of.
            Acronyms such as ATOMAL, CNWDI, COMSEC, COSMIC, CRYPTO, NOFORN, ORCON, SAP, SCI, RD, SIOP-ESI, SPECAT, SIOP-ESI, etc., are not clearances. They are categories of classified information, some of which have
            extra need-to-know restrictions or require special access authorizations. For example, COSMIC stands for “Control of Secret Material in an International Command.” COSMIC Top Secret is the term used for NATO Top Secret Information. There are many such markings (caveats) stamped or printed on classified material, but most are only acronyms denoting special administrative handling procedures.
            You might have to copy and paste this link to your browser.

            In the military, all classified information is divided into one of three categories:

            TOP SECRET:


            Note that this is a military link.

          • In the military, all classified information is divided into one of three categories:

            TOP SECRET:


            Note that this is a military link.”~Bill Clarke

            No one disputes that Bill, as explained to you there are adjunct specification within those classification. As they are listed. You should go to the site offered to you, it serves the military as well.

            CRYPTO is an additional “Specification” added to a person’s rank in “Classification”

            This isn’t that hard to figure out Bill, you just don’t want to admit it.

          • JohnR says:

            For Bill Clarke:
            “Note that this is a military link.” What do think I posted? A link to the Salvation Army? It was a RECRUITING page from!

            Everything you wrote about those acronyms was correct. 100%! Do you really not understand this?

            This isn’t like you at all. It’s more like Photon possessed you.

          • Bill Clarke says:

            Ronnie Wayne
            November 23, 2015 at 8:46 pm

            The U2 was a Top Secret CIA Operation.
            So your asking me to believe that a radar operator tracking this Top Secret plane flying over the Soviet Union from a Top Secret heavily guarded portion of Atsugi had No Top Secret clearance?

            Well yes Ronnie, I am. His fellow Marines doing the same job as Oswald only had a Confidential Clearance (same as Oswald). The lieutenant over the detail only had a Secret Clearance. I don’t think you will see enlisted men working for a lieutenant and have a higher clearance than the Lt. And again, even the Lt. didn’t have a top secret.
            The following is from the REPORT of the HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE ON

            The committee however, reviewed files belonging to four enlisted men who had worked with Oswald either in Japan or
            California and found that each of them had a security clearance of confidential.(182)

            FOOTNOTE: John E. Donovan, Oswald’s commanding officer, did have
            a security clearance of secret.


            I agree this might sound odd but evidently what exactly Oswald was doing didn’t require a Top Secret. If it did everyone else on the detail would have had one.

      • Well, Willy,

        I believe their is a British or Canadian way to spell Clearence, or Clearance Perhaps Photon is a Canadian, or a Klingon who comes from a Moon orbiting Uranus. Their are several ways to spell various English words based on What Colony or Breakaway colony you come from. Anyway the Radio is very Curious, knowing the frequency range of the device could allow you to check a callings Radio catalogue from the era to locate a Low power radio frequency transmitter of 100-200 watts which is what would have been required to send a sign to a device of that nature. Then you would know they Frequency they were communicating on and we could roll some tape in Russia, Cuba, or Fort Meade to see what type of code they were using. I always did like my Coffee Conversations at the McDonald’s in that little town above Point Roberts, Washington where Mr John H Meire was arrested, in the 80’s. He works for Canadian Intelligence currently a tiny Pension really but he has enough money to buy coffee at McDonalds and take a couple free papers at 6:00 am most days where he has coffee with Howard, on of Mr Hughes Bastard children who still lives in Point Roberts.

        Cheerio Willy,

        Willy Bova

      • I meant Collins Radio, Sorry Chap,

        Here is my dear Friend John H. Meirer’s Wiki page on that Website my little Brother from another mother Dr. Ben Kovitz PHD invented at the Taco Stand in San Diego it’s not the OutRR-Net, but with an Older brother Who manages the OutRR-Net Project, he probably gets a nice gig someWhere…..

        Cherie Old Chap,

        Good luck with your intellectual Musing’s with The “Photon”

        Willy Bova

        • Sorry Chap I forgot to mention that a 100-200 Watt transmitter would haVE EASILY COVERED THE DISTANCE BETWEEN JACK RUBY’S APARTMENT, whoops caps lock was on, but I Digress, and the Rooming house Mr Oswald readied at occasionally, the device if properly tuned could monitor a hidden listening device as well in compromising situations with Hidden camera’s rolling too…. Just another use for a Radio Receiver whose frequency’s where not easily available in America. It was mobile too and a wire to a Coat Hanger would have been a better Antenna.

          Just a Thought Chap,

          Willy Bova

          Let me know when you get the Frequency Range Kennith of available listening devices with transmitters from that era, and the Low Power Omni directional transmitter repeaters of the listening devices available….

  5. Mariano says:

    We need access to CIA/FBI files that relate to Lee Harvey Oswald and the Paine’s. What is it they were all up to that is still deemed top secret?

    • Jean Davison says:


      You can find many hundreds of CIA/FBI documents on LHO and the Paines online:

      • gerry campeau says:

        Jean what would be interesting is Michael Paine Security clearance file for Bartol Research Foundation in Swarthmore who did work on Nuclear bombs.

        • Gerry,

          The Security Clearance File is in the National Archives somewhere. If it has been 25 Years after Mr Payne’s retirement the document if requested by say a family member, Like Ruth Paine would most likely be released. Ruth Paine’s Security Clearance files are also in the National Archives, and could also be considered for Declassification 25 years after her service ends. Some Contract agents assist in Active Open investigations so there 25 Years starts on death or 7 years after being reported a Missing Person, according to relevant Federal regulations, Case law is different in the various 9 Circuits or Districts pending precedent lawsuits progresses the case below a change in Precedence do impact available documents. Some files reside at Foundations like the Canadian Permadex files which release a decade or two after some deaths etc… its a Canadian Undefined law issue on those files, So finding out why an Oswald Double was in Motreal in August of 1963 with Clay Shaw is still 119 pages of blacked out redacted documents. In some Generals closets their are various personal files taken before rules applied like the Fletcher Pouty Precedent. Even a Divorce can impact custody of records particularly if on spouse is American and the other Canadian, or Mexican for instance.

          Hope that helps you understand the permutations and combinations of other records awaiting release.

          Willy Bova

          • gerry campeau says:

            Michael Ralph Paine

            June 25, 1928
            New York, New York, U.S.

            Harvard University
            Swarthmore College

            Engineer (retired)

            Ruth Avery Hyde (m. 1957-1970)

            Lynn Paine (b. 1959)
            Christopher Paine (b. 1961)

            Lyman Paine
            Ruth Forbes Paine Young
            Mike is 87 years young and it may take some time, What I’m really interested in if he was Army Intelligence apparently he also served in reserve. Wow it would be wonderful if he answer for himself

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