6 thoughts on “Summers vs. Hitchens on JFK”

  1. I thought Pierre Sallinger, my old neighbor in Lake Barcroft, got the better of Hitchens at 23:00 in the video, when he pointed out the old Chuck Colson concocted cable story (what we would today call “fake news”) that JFK ordered the assassination of Diem in 1963.
    The Diem coup was planned and executed by General “Big” Minh and the ARVN, because the Diem family was losing the Bhudist majority in the countryside. They were right. That’s why they lost the war.

  2. Fascinating video. You have to wonder what their conversation would’ve been like if they knew:

    – the CIA made Joannides its liaison to the HSCA to hide its tracks regarding the founding, funding and guidance of the DRE during the time of Oswald

    – there was a definite split between JFK’s and his national security team on foreign policy, including Cuba and Vietnam

    – that the Joint Chiefs had presented its Operations Northwoods to conduct false flag operations – including the killing of innocent Americans – to justify an invasion of Cuba

    – that the CIA continues to hold key documents almost 30 years after the Stone movie

    – that MSM still never investigated the case even with the release of documents by the ARRB

    – that there was demonstrated animus to JFK by top CIA officials

    – that Angleton ran surveillance on Oswald for years leading up to the assassination

    – that he and Helms provably lied and obstructed justice in the case again and again

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