Sessions pledges ‘virtually complete disclosure’ of FBI’s JFK files on Monday

The Attorney General spoke with Fox News on Saturday and made a big promise. If what he says is true, this is good news. Unfortunately,  some White House statements on the JFK files, have not been accurate so we’ll have to see what happens.

Here’s what Sessions said.

BAIER: Speaking of taking time, big story today, these JFK papers. The president says he wants to put them out. Then they come out redacted because of concerns from the CIA and FBI and there’s a lot of people saying that after all these years, weren’t you ready for this day?

SESSIONS: It’s time to get it done, Bret. I’ve talked with the FBI. We’ve talked with our staff here. I think the president’s right to say, let’s get these materials out. they are moving today very quickly. Some of documents have already been produced today and they will be moving faster, there will not be, I believe, any significant redactions – redaction that may have been suggested will not be in there. There’s going to be virtually complete disclosure. Some people who are alive may not need their names or their current address’s revealed. Lot of it is extraneous entirely.

BAIER: You are trying to expedite it?

SESSIONS: We are working this weekend. We are going to be working every way possible to expedite the production of these documents as completely as possible and they will be virtually, completely revealed from the FBI files.

BAIER: A lot of historians I think happy about that….

Source: Sessions Full Interview With Bret Baier: Uranium One, Trump Dossier, JFK Files, Fourth Amendment & More | Video | RealClearPolitics

1 thought on “Sessions pledges ‘virtually complete disclosure’ of FBI’s JFK files on Monday”

  1. Any serious student of this crime has been frustrated and angered by the continual bureaucratic resistance to releasing these files. The CIA/FBI stonewalling, in particular, has done nothing but exacerbate the distrust and suspicion that the citizenry of this country has toward its government. After 54 years, to still maintain a wall of secrecy is proof to most that the truth is still being protected by a so-called “bodyguard of lies.” Moreover, the responsible agencies of the government have had the last quarter century to prepare these documents for their release as per the JFK Records Act. As a student and researcher of this assassination since high school (I’m 67) I had little hope that a complete release would ever happen. Most of us have a fairly good idea of what actually transpired before, during and after 11/22/63 but we’re waiting for the only thing necessary to correct the history books—the admission of the government, our government, of the truth and the whole truth. If President Trump truly intends to “drain the swamp” this is the ideal moment and event to begin that process. This crime has been surrounded by more muck and mire than any event in US history and it has totally clouded and muddied our history, and our future, ever since. I’d like to believe AG Sessions and take him at his word. I believe he is an honorable man and means what he says. I firmly believe the stonewalling will continue beyond April, 2018 and well into the future and the only reason to continue the lie, now going on six decades is obvious. The National Security state and its allies murdered a president and that terrible truth, if unveiled, would force a radical change to our entire political process.

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