Judge rebukes Trump’s ‘disappointing’ JFK records release

The backlash continues. Trump’s much ballyhooed release of JFK files is drawing more criticism for being late and incomplete.

“I just don’t think there is anything in these records that require keeping them secret now,” John Tunheim, who from 1992 to 1998 chaired a congressionally established board that reviewed all the files on the assassination, told POLITICO in a telephone interview Friday. He is now a U.S. district judge in Minnesota.

Source: Judge rebukes handling of JFK records – POLITICO


1 thought on “Judge rebukes Trump’s ‘disappointing’ JFK records release”

  1. So did Angleton supervise David Atlee Phillips?
    The biggest bomb-shaking thing I’ve seen recently (from my own perspective on the assassination) is the news that Anthony Veciano 1.) IS ALIVE ! Holy crap.. 2.) Has said, finally, what he wouldn’t tell Gaeton Fonzi all those years ago, that his CIA handler, “Maurice Bishop” WAS Phillips, a top CIA guy in the Mexican City and Miami nexus or offices or whatever you call it…. and of course, Veciana told Fonzi 40 years ago he saw his “Bishop” with Oswald at a meeting .. in Houston, …I think…not long before the assassination.
    I thought Fonzi’s painstakingly careful journalism on that point, especially the cool meeting he witnessed between Phillips and Veciana in which neither would tell Fonzi that, basically, they knew each other, but made it clear they did, was one of the most intriguing and telling little facts showing CIA involvement with Oswald.

    So my question here, for Mr. Morley: Do you think Veciana is credible?
    (Sorry if you have written on this before and this is redundant.)

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