Roger Stone touts conspiracy theories and Trump

Roger Stones, Trump adviser

Here is a short course in why people who are interested in President Kennedy’s assassination should mistrust “conspiracy theorists.”

I don’t doubt Trump’s adviser Roger Stone is interested in the events of 1963. And it is true that Trump, known to ignore national security pieties, might be an ally in promoting full JFK disclosure in 2017.

But Stone is most interested in his promoting an anti-liberal political movement in 2016 and that priority reliably guides his thinking into the cul-de-sac of reactionary stupidity.

In his presentation, Stone promoted an array of conspiracy theories, rehashing the unsupported claims in his books that the Clintons have covered up sexual crimes, sometimes with the aid of the Bush family. Stone also claimed that President George H.W. Bush had a role in the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1981, and that Lyndon Johnson was involved in the Kennedy assassination.

Thus what matters about JFK’s assassination to Stone is that it was perpetrated by Lyndon Johnson, the man who gave the name the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. For Trump’s white supremacist supporters, Stone’s theory invigorates their prejudices by demonizing a civil rights hero. For everybody else, it is a piece of rubbish that belongs in the dumpster.

Source: Roger Stone Sells Himself As Trump’s Inside Man To Gathering Of Conspiracy Theorists | Blog | Media Matters for America



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    1. Andrea, Great to see you here. I hope you take the time to engage even further if on no other topic than Roger Stone and his compadre Robert Morrow and their attempts at derailing the progress of the assassination investigation. Donald Trump is but a foil for these operatives who pander to his narcism; they would be experts in the disorder.

  1. Isn’t it funny? EVERYBODY goes woowoo over this burlesque of “Presidential Elections” … as if it has ever mattered who the effing president was. Sure Trump is a charlatan and pretender, EVERYBODY IN POLITICS is a charlatan and pretender.

    Holy Hoots and gawblesmurkah!

    Oh yea…

    Posted: 02 Mar 2016 09:00 PM PST

    “It is now official: the neoconservatives are united against Donald Trump.

    A new open letter organized by Project for the New American Century (PNAC) co-founder Eliot Cohen states the signatories oppose a Trump presidency and have committed to “working energetically” to see that he is not elected. PNAC was, notoriously, the neoconservative group that called for increased US imperialism in the Middle East, especially Iraq. Many of those who signed PNAC’s statement of principles and various letters went on to serve in the Bush Administration.”

    Holy Smokes a smelly hoax!

    1. That is no surprise, because Hillary s the bigger neocon in this equation.

      The way I see it, the republican party power structure has already conceded the elections to Hillary.

      It is extremely likely Trump is actually working for team Hillary, and he has been commissioned to first destroy the little bit of dignity that the party had left, then make sure that douches like Cruz and Rubio don’t even come close to winning the nomination, and lastly, to ultimately lose to Hillary. The GOP is trying their best to make sure they lose.

      But even if he does become president, as you also mention in another comment below, there will effectively be ZERO difference between prez trump and prez Clinton. Same wars, same engineered financial collapse, same assault on civil rights and privacy.. All in all, the same exact deception with a slightly different flavor.

      Well.. OK, OK… There will actually be a slight difference. Trump will have more gold in the redecoration of the White House compared to Hillary.

    1. “Leading JFK assasination authors John McAdams and Roger Stone”???

      Frankly I had never heard of McAdams until joining JFKfacts. I never heard of, or took notice of Roger Stone until this Drumpf thing.

    2. leslie sharp
      May 17, 2013 at 6:54 pm
      Consider [Roger] Stone’s history with the Gulf Oil-Mellon-Scaife family whose history includes the OSS and financial backing of Ken Starr’s pursuit of the Monica Lewinsky/Bill Clinton scandal; consider Stone’s history with Donald Trump; consider Stone’s history with the Elliott Spitzer scandal that interrupted Spitzer’s pursuit of corporate corruption and consider Stone’s Florida relationship to the owners of the NY hotel that employed Spitzer’s “call girl;” consider Stone’s relationship with new age guru Keith Ranier of Scaife-funded NXIVM whose acolytes included Bronfman family members as well as the daughter of DC developer/Republican Party financial backer Bill Cafritz. And mostly remember and consider that Roger Stone was a member of Young Americans for Freedom and one of the RNC’s early rat-f-ckers.

      “The A.I.G. Trial Is a Comedy”
      ‘Greenberg’s initial target was Eliot Spitzer, who, when he was the Attorney General of New York, launched an investigation into A.I.G.’s accounting practices—an investigation that, in 2005, prompted Greenberg to resign with his reputation in tatters. Greenberg hasn’t forgiven Spitzer; just last year, he sued him for defamation.’

      ‘Two Charges Against AIG’s Greenberg Dropped . . . Spitzer aid says four left concerning depiction are “heart of the case”‘
      ‘New York-based AIG, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, announced in February that it would pay $1.64 billion to resolve allegations that it used deceptive accounting practices to mislead investors and regulatory agencies.
      The deal _ believed to be the largest concluded by regulators with a single company _ also required the company to change its business practices to ensure proper accounting procedures in the future.’

      “Meet the Leader of Eliot Spitzer’s Smear Campaign”
      ‘When Bruno was forced to fire Stone over the incident, Stone found other sponsors to pay him to stay on the Spitzer attack detail. According to Stone, his paymasters were “wealthy Republicans.” Fortune’s Peter Elkind, who contributed critical reporting to the film and is the author of the book Client 9, found evidence that Stone had bragged to a South Florida blogger that the “wealthy Republicans” — called “The Group” — were organized around a coordinating operative, Republican lobbyist Wayne Berman, and financiers including former AIG Chairman Hank Greenberg and Home Depot financier Ken Langone — all major-league Spitzer haters. (Stone denies this.)’

  3. MSNBC is running a report as I watch, featuring Roger Stone friend and co-author, Bob Morrow, because he is the new county (Travis, TX) chairman of the GOP in Austin, TX. The newsmedia has not yet done all of the homework it needs to do, re: the background of this developing political reporting!
    Local Texas GOP chairman goes on vulgar, homophobic Twitter rant about Hillary Clinton — and fellow Republicans
    Washington Post‎ – 12 hours ago
    Morrow’s election as Republican chairman of the fifth-largest county in Texas left several …
    This news makes me wax nostalgic…it seems like only yesterday since Bob Morrow was credited with this, but it was way back in 2005. The CIA would probably observe in internal documents that Bob Morrow has matured.:….

    The Clintons’ War on Women: Roger Stone, Robert Morrow …, Inc.
    The Clintons’ War on Women. … This stunning exposé reveals for the first time how Bill and Hillary Clinton systematically abused women and others—sexually, physically, and psychologically—in their scramble for power and wealth. In this groundbreaking book, New York Times …

    Hat’s off to the G.O.P. for their “big tent,” political philosophy of inclusion.:
    Reviled racist Matthew Heimbach admits to pushing black woman at Trump rally, blames tension on Black Lives Matter
    BY Dan Good
    Updated: Wednesday, March 2, 2016,
    How Donald Trump is breathing life into America’s dying white …
    Chicago Tribune-Dec 21, 2015
    “A major political candidate is saying things that have been kept out of … Matthew Heimbach was like many conservative voters: uninterested in Trump. … politicians they perceive as cowed by politically correct culture, it is a ..

    Say what you will about leftist, politcally correct Tom S.,….. but…hey, if you know a better way…. have at it!
    John McAdams – 2016/03/02 at 5:51 pm
    Only a leftist like you would consider my opinions “extremist.”

    1. I’m anxious for this thread to venture into Trump’s agenda to introduce measures to hamstring serious journalists and how that agenda dovetails with Roger Stone through a mystery cult-like organization, NXIVM.

      “Trump rally turns violent: photographer thrown to ground amid protests”

      “Donald Trump pledges to curb press freedom through libel laws”

      “All About NXIVM, the Cultlike Organization With Ties to Albany”
      A couple of days ago, the Post broke the news that ROGER STONE — a former state GOP functionary who resigned after allegedly threatening Eliot Spitzer’s family — was procuring money for Joe Bruno and pals from his other employer, a cultlike organization called NXIVM. Needless to say, we’ve been obsessed with the Albany-based NXIVM (pronounced, believe it or not, like “Nexium”) ever since. It’s basically like Scientology masquerading as a self-help seminar, run by a guy named Keith Raniere. Raniere claims to have the highest IQ on record and have been a judo champion by age 11; he also demands to be called Vanguard by his followers (someone should introduce him to Mystery!). He is, in short, your classic swindler (his previous enterprise, a pyramid scheme called Consumers’ Buyline, got kicked out of Arkansas in 1992) who’s discovered the resale value on Ayn Randian mumbo jumbo. NXIVM’s “executive success” program is designed to reel in alpha types who need someone to tell them that greed is good. Its big philosophy is that “human beings are born parasitic” (saying “I’m hungry” or complaining about pain, for instance, is parasitic behavior; the enlightened just take what they need). It also redefines “good” as “pro-survival” and “bad” as “destructive.” Students wear colored sashes and bow in the presence of the leader. You can see where this is headed.’

      “How a Strange, Secretive Cult-like Company is Waging Ware Against Journalists

      What, better said ‘who’ is the common denominator? Roger Stone.

      1. Leslie,
        Nothing sinister here, don’t feel anxious. I’m still trying to digest the knowledge I received years ago, that Dick Morris was heavily influenced by his cousin, Roy Cohn’s father.:

        Seriously though, who are these people? They operate as if they can insulate themselves, and in the internet age, yet, from the few of the
        news media they cannot buy or partner with, and from you and your fellow bloggers in basements and living rooms. Is Fox Infotainment going to go down along with the G.O.P. national party apparatus? How many angry, incoherent white people are there, really? They certainly are well armed, even as the rural suicide rate by self-inflicted gunshot wound continues to rise. Are the 138 families who funded conventional republican candidates the ones who lose it first,
        see -( ) or the Trump “fans” if he doesn’t make it, or the Trump “fans” if he does make it and governs towards the center? Stay tuned…..

      2. Keith Raniere is smug as a duck in the muck. One of those wannabe charismatics like L. Ron Hubberd. These ‘faux-savior’ charlatans are a dime a dozen and squat diddling their admirers in every level of society.

        Usually having a psychopathic profile, they associate with other psychopathic personalities in what are known as *poneristic power groupings.

        It is hardly surprising that Murrow, Raniere, and Stone have found each other for some group hubris huddles.

        Keep in mind however that framing these types as exclusively “right-wing” is a dangerously naïve idea.

        * Ponerism, see:


        1. Keith Raniere is smug as a duck in the muck. One of those wannabe charismatics like L. Ron Hubberd.

          I just read “Part 5,” and found “Part 12” next. The caption under the top photo says he is a hypnotist, age 55,
          but the bio page describes him as 16 in 1981. Either way, he is too young to have hypnotized Oswald.

          I guess it will be up to Trump to “free” them and send them back….:

          This is dated last November, but no “Part #” is assigned:

          …bringing illegal aliens across the border at Niagara Falls, then imprisoning them ….

          1. “Guess who was a big fan of Hubbard?”~McAdams

            I read your “expose'” on Prouty’s alleged “involvement” with the church of Scientology.

            They represented part of his work on the JFK assassination in their magazine “Freedom”, and he along with hundreds of other people gave some talks to their gatherings.

            Prouty was never a member of the “church”. Prouty was invited to speak at many venues who wanted to hear his story of his involvement with the Pentagon and his long military career that led to his inside view of those who murdered Kennedy.

            If you want to call that “being a big fan” that is your opinion. I think that as is often the case, you are making a mountain out of a molehill.

            I read DIANETICS when it came out. It is an interesting book on theological matters. Prouty like many of us was interested in theological matters. It doesn’t mean someone buys into something because one is interested in the subject that something addresses.

            In other words McAdams, big effin deal.

          2. See:


            “I have traveled far and wide throughout my professional life and see the peoples of Earth as incredibly diverse in character as well as needs. Oftentimes our efforts to understand and help them have been too narrow. In the many years I have worked with the Church of Scientology the one thing which has impressed me the most and which will characterize the Church far into future centuries is its ability to deal with humankind as a whole.

            “At the heart of Scientology’s activities is the betterment of all people no matter what creed, what race, what socioeconomic status to develop themselves spiritually and mentally so that each individual can improve his own life. Scientology’s far-reaching goals are designed to tend to each individual uniquely with compassionate concern and commitment. These rare attributes are essential in these times of trouble and uncertainty and most assuredly provide the Church with a platform for growth and strength in the years to come.”

            L. Fletcher Prouty
            Col. US Air Force (Ret.)

          3. Those sound like pretty worthy goals to me Mr McAdams.

            Many people were taken in by the Scientologists, many still swear by their techniques; Tom Cruise, John Travolta are public examples.

            I still say that it is no big deal for Prouty to have his own opinions on a matter of what are after all, First Amendment Rights to freedom of religion, and freedom of expression.

            And further there is no mention of this on the Prouty web pages that attend to the issues of the military and the CIA. The religious issue is utterly irrelevant to that.

            Do you fault Kennedy for being a Catholic?
            How about the “Religious Right” praying for Armageddon?
            Or the Mormons? The Southern Baptists (Carter)?

            But of course surely the Muslims.. Oh yea
            OR the “Godless Communists”.. Oh yea, oh yea.

            How about the enlightened Taoist? Surely THEY are as crazy as shithouse rats…surely!!!
            Oh yea!!!

            Wasn’t Marquette a religious funded university? I seem to recall that being a fact. You must certainly be a religious zealot to be associated with them!! OH YEA!!!

          4. McAdams,

            As far as Prouty mentioning that what is publicly known about Hubbard is not necessarily the truth is based on other associations and activities of Hubbard.

            JPL now known as “Jet Propulsion Laboratory” was originally ‘Jack Parson’s Laboratory’.

            Parson’s has literally been written out of NASA history, but he was the original genius of rocket fuel design and invention.

            “In 1945, science fiction writer — and later the founder of Scientology — L Ron Hubbard moved into the Pasadena lodge. Sara took an interest in Hubbard, which made Parsons jealous. He developed a deeper interest in witchcraft and the darker side of magic, becoming fascinated by poltergeists and ghostly apparitions. In a bid to find conjure up a new lover, he took part in extraordinary rituals where he would masturbate onto magical tablets to the sound of music.”
            . . . .
            Other strange characters are associated with NASA as well. Werner Von Braun and other infamous Nazis are better known than Parsons.

            Then there is another wacko scientist/psychologist who worked concurrently with NASA and MKUltra; neurophysiologist Carl Wilhelm Sem-Jacobsen.
            As diabolical as Ewing Cameron, or the Nazi Josef Mengele. See:

            . . .
            The message is clear here; don’t think you can know everything there is to know from mainstream history and media, or academics.

            Believe it or not, governments hide things.
            Oh yea.

          5. We’re now judging people by religious beliefs? Do we want to argue about Transubstantiation or the perpetual virginity of Mary the mother of Jesus?

            I think we should stick to JFK.

          6. “I think we should stick to JFK.”~Paulf

            Yes indeed Paul, I was surprised to learn about Prouty being involved with Scientology. I have heard dozens of lectures on military and intelligence by Prouty, and read dozens of more articles and several books by the man and never once did he mention Scientology in any of them.
            So whatever interest Prouty may have had in the so-called “church”, he certainly wasn’t evangelical about it, and didn’t promote it in anyway beyond whatever he wrote for them.

            My whole point in countering McAdams, was to show that the “professor” from Marquette will go to any lengths to slander his opponents.

    2. Thanks tor the Morrow info/ link Tom. Other than his posts I never knew anything about him. I thought he was a legit researcher, just bent on the wrong track. I.E. LBJ was behind the JFK Assassination (JMO: he joyfully acquiesced to it).
      Morrow as a conservative, a Republican? I never considered it.
      Much less: “he’s a douche bag”, “RNC – Gay Foam Party”, “Gov Shank Daddy”. Sorry, this is a sad state of affairs but I had to laugh when I first read this.
      I noticed his books in the picture. Case Closed. Legacy of Secrecy, Hosty, Ultimate Sacrifice. Interesting.

      1. Ronnie,

        I long argued at the Education Forum – JFK Debate that Morrow had the effect of making the CT “community” look more foolish than MSM and LN megaphonists had succeeded in accomplishing. The silver lining is that he has the same effect on the reputation of republican messaging and platform particulars. Maybe he is secretly funded by the DNC and by the CIA.

        1. The more I read, the more I need to read. I discovered Facts only a year or so after I found the EDU forum. Facts was about a year old at the time. The education from both is to quote the MSM “priceless”.
          The archive’s of both these sites should be preserved for Historical perspective.
          Though keeping up with them on a daily basis is difficult for some.

          1. Ronnie, imagine trying to moderate this person’s posts, when the site’s owner is supporting him, and not you, the moderator
            the site owner appointed to support the site’s rule of keeping the posted content suitable for reading by school children.:


            Gary Loughran – (forum administrator as he posted this….”guest”, days later) Posted 18 June 2013 – 08:32 PM
            Oh groan. Here John goes again…
            You falsely accused Tom Scully and compounded, not lessened, that accusation recently by highlighting the text you originally read from incorrectly. I am a great believer in values John, more than you appear to understand. I am not a xxxx, I am not a cheat and I have never stolen.

            Your rationale for removing Tom and Jim was not driven by good values, nor, more obviously, is your support of Robert Morrow. You have always made very personal choices driven by values I haven’t yet worked out. Perhaps that is what ‘old fashioned values’ really are….

          2. What does it say about self-righteous Republicans when a liberal talk show host refuses to subject her audience to the profanities of their newly elected Chairman of the Travis County, TX GOP? Hypocrisy jumps to mind, and then, ‘a political party in meltdown’. Prudish response? Maddow? Hardly! Surely the GOP will come to its senses before it’s too late. Surely any jfk assassination forum that hosts or has hosted Robert Morrow will do the same.


        2. Or maybe Robert Morrow is what he is and nothing else, and sadly he has chosen the Kennedy assassination as a platform to verbalize some deep trauma he endured as a child. Roger Stone (and perhaps Keith Raniere of NXIVM) identified Morrow’s resultant vulnerability and manipulated him. In fact, does anyone know how Morrow met Stone? Morrow’s vulgarities have nothing to do with evidence against Lyndon Johnson but they do reveal a lot about Morrow the ‘man’ and like Stone and Trump, unfortunately his obscenities capture the attention of the intended audience. As Stone has said, (paraphrasing) ‘don’t be boring when you can be sensational’.

          Identifying this malaise is a step toward permanently separating Robert Morrow and Roger Stone from the Kennedy assassination debate.

          1. Leslie,

            As recently as in 2009, Morrow was simply a sex obsessed, “Clinton expert.” Something changed….



            Robert Morrow – Posted 02 April 2012 – 12:38 AM
            Re: Tom Scully

            In 1992 when 60 minutes did their hit interview in January, 1992, (right after the Super Bowl) on the Clintons grilling them about their so-called personal life and in particular the Gennifer Flowers’ affair, I was outraged.

            At the time I was very anti-GHW Bush and wanted anybody BUT him. I would have taken Clinton over Bush. I was delighted when Perot got in the race and tweaked the noses of both political parties…..

            BTW, what is it with the attraction to billionaires who attempt to buy the office of POTUS? How are they
            perceived as “serving” the people? Did Ray Kroc, founder of Macdonalds or Steve Jobs or Donald Drumpf ever
            “serve” the people, except as a business building, profit making strategy?

          2. Well spoken Leslie. On a personal note, as a Texan, I am mortified. As a JFK researcher I am disgusted by this circus. I had hopes that the media was beginning to see those of us who believe there was much more to the JFK Assassination than we’ve been told as standing on solid ground they were willing to share. Now this. Roger Stone and Rob Morrow have set JFK research back at least 20 years with these shenanigans. This “Stone-throwing” theory of how to win may work in the political arena, but not in true research. The liberal side of me wants us all to get along. The rational side of me says “thank God Morrow didn’t have my book on his bookcase” when being interviewed about his JFK knowledge.

          3. “On a personal note, as a Texan, I am mortified.”
            ~Gayle Nix Jackson

            nothing personal to Gayle…

            But what’s with Texans? What is the big deal about being a Texan? I mean I don’t see ‘Californians’ or ‘Georgians’ or ‘Oklahoman’s’ having this weird collectivist “pride” of their state.

            That is something I always thought odd about ‘Texans’, aside from the generally jingo bent that seems to go with their heritage.

            Just askin’.

          4. No offense taken Willy, you’re right, we do that as Texans and I am remiss in never realizing how my pride about my state can come across as elitist or in some cases “hickish”. I think its in our DNA or maybe it’s because we study Texas history in our schools, a history that is at once rich, proud, disgusting and relevant. We don’t like being messed with (Hence the “Don’t Mess with Texas” meme about picking up trash) and we are proud that we were once our own Republic. Maybe that’s it. I don’t know. I do know that it embarrasses me that the city of my birth will not face the tragedy that took place 11/22/63…that we’re the state of David Koresh and LBJ…that now we have Robert Morrow as a Republican party chair when we just finished with the Bushes…and much more. There is also much to be proud of as I assure you most natives are very friendly and we do truly care about our fellow humans save for the whackos that sprout up now and then. Our food is awesome, our state is beautiful, great musicians come from here, we don’t give up a fight and well, quite frankly, while the US was building up all around us, we were left on our own to survive and did it with the help of some brave men from Tennessee. We have a “Free or Die” spirit that seems to be engrained in our DNA. I hope that helps and I also hope after reading this you don’t consider me one of the whackos I mentioned earlier 🙂

          5. Hi Gayle,

            One of my ex’s lives in Texas. I have spent some time in the state. It is a physically diverse state, from the northern pastoral area’s, to the mid state deserts and southern areas that are rather humid.

            People are ‘weird’ everywhere! And most folks are rather friendly and helpful to strangers.

            I hitched across the country several times in my hippy days. I met nice people in every state I was in, and stupid cops in every state. Huston has some particularly nasty cops. Dallas as well.

            The highways are used mainly for speeding ticket revenue in almost all the states.

            And no, your commentary here could hardly be characterized as “hickish”.

          6. Gayle Nix Jackson, I read your comment in the context I believe it was intended. A fellow citizen of Texas, Robert Morrow has a controversial history within JFK assassination research and that history was highlighted in the national media when he was elected virtually by default (his words not mine) as chairperson of the GOP in a county in Texas that includes the state capitol, Austin. John Kennedy was murdered in broad daylight in a Texas city from a building that housed the text books whose selection by the Texas board more often than not drove the national public education curriculum, Lyndon Johnson was a Democrat politico from Texas who was serving as VP and by default became President, and Lee Oswald spent a number of years of his short life in Texas. Why Wouldn’t you speak from that perspective? A Chicagoan might do the same had Kennedy been assassinated in that Illinois city.

            What was at issue here was Roger Stone, and by extension Donald Trump, and by further extension Robert Morrow; you spoke from an up close and personal (and dare we forget your history), valuable perspective. The distraction while mostly likely not deliberate, does not serve to advance the debate about the crisis we’re slouching toward that Morrow, Stone, and Trump embody because their degenerate behavior has been indulged at the expense of serious debate about the issues our country is facing.

      1. Uncle. I can’t remember who in the JFK Assassination was obsessed with gold fish and cats. I remember Dulles fascination with the mouse just before it get’s it’s neck broke in Devil’s Chessboard. Angleton was interested in rats, moles, orchids and poetry.
        Though a cat and fishbowl analogy might in some strange way relate I guess.

  4. I can just hear Joe Pesci now….You know… the whole …nobody even knows the whole story, even the gunmen, mystery riddle enigma thingie…Yeah that one…

    In many aspects, Johnson was strong-armed into his role by both his ego and greed, and his need to “go-along” to get along…

  5. As odious as Stone is there is ample reason to believe Johnson had something to do with the assasination.

    1. I’m relieved and proud that so many here can spot Stone for what he is.

      Could we see this ample reason to believe Johnson had something to do with the assassination?

          1. He grew up in Tuscaloosa, played high school basketball, went on to Princeton U., settled in Austin.
            Appears never to have been conventionally employed…..

            Self authored, 2010 bio


            Ta Will Retire Robert Morrow’s Jersey No. 44 .By Tommy Dbas
   – Google News
            Tuscaloosa Academy broke the mold with their all-sports ban quet recently when TA … Morrow, a 6-foot-5 senior center who will play basketball at Princeton …
            May 8, 1983

          2. Tom S.
            March 3, 2016 at 3:42 am

            “He grew up in Tuscaloosa, played high school basketball, went on to Princeton U., settled in Austin.”
            “Appears never to have been conventionally employed…..”

            Thanks for the intel. Glad to know he isn’t a home grown Texas.

        1. JohnR
          March 2, 2016 at 11:18 pm

          Robert Morrow is from Texas? And he’s telling everybody? Oh my. This is just a weird year.

          I saw today that Willie Nelson said, “I’ve been to the circus before but have never seen a circus like this before” or similar words speaking of the election circus. It is a terrible mess and will only get worst. Has the country stopped producing leaders?

  6. As an anti-liberal propagandist, Roger Stone has genuine “Goebbels” potential should, God forbid, “Drumpf” be elected. Thank you for helping to expose this cynical manipulative charlatan, JFK Facts. I’m afraid that’s as civil as I can be concerning imposters like this.

  7. ‘Thus what matters about JFK’s assassination to Stone is that it was perpetrated by Lyndon Johnson, the man who gave the name the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. For Trump’s white supremacist supporters, Stone’s theory invigorates their prejudices by demonizing a civil rights hero. For everybody else, it is a piece of rubbish that belongs in the dumpster.’

    Most know that Stone’s co-author of “The Clinton’s War on Women” was Robert Morrow – a former frequent commenter on this site who seldom posted anything that did not include “LBJ Did It”. Anyone who has engaged with Morrow privately knows you have to wash your brain afterward, that or you share his perversity. And he has just been named Chairman of the Travis County GOP to the extreme consternation of some Republican strategists.

    ‘”We will explore every single option that exists, whether it be persuading him [Robert Morrow] to resign, trying to force him to resign, constraining his power, removing his ability to spend money or resisting any attempt for him to access data or our social media account,” Mackowiak told the Texas Tribune, the news outlet that broke the story. “I’m treating this as a coup and as a hostile takeover.”

    ‘Morrow told the Tribune that Mackowiak and others who oppose him “can go f–k themselves.”

    When speaking to a reporter from the Texas Tribune, Morrow expressed outrage that the reporter refused to use a racial slur.

    “You are a perfect example of what the Trump movement is revolting against because you can’t even pronounce the word n—– when you are talking about a Facebook post,” Morrow told the reporter. “What a pathetic excuse for a reporter you are.”’

  8. Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins the White House, the New Boss Will Be the Same as the Old Boss

    By John W. Whitehead
    February 29, 2016

    “The main problem in any democracy is that crowd-pleasers are generally brainless swine who can go out on a stage & whup their supporters into an orgiastic frenzy—then go back to the office & sell every one of the poor bastards down the tube for a nickel apiece.” ― Hunter S. Thompson

    1. Willy,
      I thought it is actually Donald Drumpf, according to what I viewed on John Oliver’s recent
      cable cast?

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