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RIP: Gerald McKnight, Historian Who Dismantled the Warren Commission

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Gerald D. McKnight, historian and author one of the very best scholarly books about the assassination of President Kennedy, died Lawrence, Kansas, on 30th January, 2021.

McKnight, a tenured professor of history at Hood College in Maryland, was the author of Breach of Trust, which explained how the Warren Commission, which was supposed to investigate JFK’s assassination, failed to find the truth–and why.

My friend journalist and historian, David Talbot, said it best:

Breach of Trust, remains the best dissection of the notorious JFK assassination… he simply followed the path of his honest scholarship, even when it was widely considered politically and (academically) incorrect. His book on the willful failings of the Warren Commission  – which should have been called the Dulles Commission because of ex-CIA chief (and Kennedy-hater) Allen Dulles’s huge influence over the panel – still ranks as one of the Top 10 books on the Kennedy assassination.”

Historian David Wrone has a tribute to McKnight’s work here.

McKnight talked about his key findings in this 2014 interview with Alan Dale.

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