RIP Dick Gregory, the man who brought the Zapruder film to national TV

The late comedian provided one immense service his country. In 1975, Dick Gregory, along with Robert Groden, enabled the American people to see the assassination of President Kennedy for the first time. The broadcast prompted the U.S. Congress to reopen the investigation of the assassination.

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  1. PJB says:

    A lot of the Dealey Plaza bystanders have been identified and questioned over the years. There are 3 men (?) on the infield portion, just to the south of the Stemmons sign. As JFK approaches, the portly,balding apron(?)-wearing man appears to be applauding. As the limo carries on, most everyone follows its progress with the appropriate head movements. The 3 men(?) appear to be looking towards the TSBD, Daltex or the DCR buildings and do not turn to look at the president as he goes by.
    Were these 3 bystanders ever identified or questioned?

    p.s. keep fighting the good fight, you are an inspiration to all good-hearted people

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