The return of JFK Facts podcast

After a long hiatus, the JFK Facts podcast has returned!  This week Alan and I talk about the important keynote speech of Judge John Tunheim, former chair of the Assassination Records Review, at the CAPA conference in Washington last month. Tunheim talked about the JFK issues of 2017


We also talked about:

  • Salon founder and author David Talbot’s complaint filed in DC federal court to release CIA travel records of William King Harvey
  • The passing of former Warren Commission staffer William Coleman and his failed mission to Mexico City.
  • The newly accessible CIA Records Search Tool (CREST), an invaluable online tool for doing research on the CIA.
  • WikiLeaks Vault 7: the largest ever publication of leaked CIA documents, containing the agency’s cybewarfare codes


For best results, download the podcast before playing.

To download the podcast as an MP3: Click HERE; Place cursor on file; RIGHT click and select “Save Audio As.”

Got a JFK question or a comment? Contact us at and we’ll talk about it on the show.


My new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account yet of the JFK records that the CIA is still concealing.



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