Q. How many JFK records are still classified?

When a faithful reader asked me this question today, I did a little math.

Last year at this time, the National Archives stated that there were 15,834, JFK assassination records that still contained redactions. On December 15, 2021, the Archives released 1,492 documents in their entirety, about 10 percent of still-classified records

So the answer is ….

…14,342 JFK assassination records still contain redactions in 2022.

Under President Biden’s order of October 22–you can read it here–the rest of the redactions are supposed to be removed next December 15, 2022.

Whether that actually happens–whether the CIA feels obliged to obey a law concerning the murder of an American president–remains to be seen.

Here’s what Professor Jamie Galbraith had to say about the state of the JFK records in his October 2021 column for Project Syndicate, “The JFK Cover-Up Strikes Again.”

By blocking the release of all documents concerning the Kennedy assassination, US President Joe Biden has continued what is now something of a White House tradition. It is no wonder that most Americans believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

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