Q. ‘Can I come to hear the oral arguments in Morley v. CIA?’

A. Yes. The hearing will take place at Monday, March 19 at  9:30 am in Courtroom 31 on the 5th floor of the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse, located at 333 Constitution Avenue NW in Washington, DC.

[Update: You can listen to the oral arguments by clicking here.]

The courthouse is located one block from the Judiciary Square stop on the Red Line. If you want to come, let’s meet outside the courtroom at 9 am.

The arguments over the “public benefit” of the JFK files obtained by the lawsuit will be heard by Chief Judge Karen Henderson and Judges Brett Kavanaugh and Gregory Katsas.

What is Morley v. CIA?

2 thoughts on “Q. ‘Can I come to hear the oral arguments in Morley v. CIA?’”

  1. The full truth and nothing but the truth is ALWAYS to the public benefit. It may not be to the govt’s benefit but that should not be a consideration. There’s a reason why Jefferson said if given the choice between a free press or govt, he’d choose a free press.

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