Putin weaponizes the JFK story against the CIA

JFK’s assassination never goes away as a factor in American politics.

“There is a theory that Kennedy’s assassination was set up by the United States special services,” the Russian leader noted in his interview with Megyn Kelly.  “If this theory is correct, and one cannot rule it out, thus what can be easier in today’s situation, given the entire technical capabilities available to special services than to organize some kind of attacks in an appropriate manner while alluding to Russia in the process.”

When Putin says “special services” he is referring to the operational division of the CIA, the clandestine service.

This is a clever argument because half of it is true: the involvement of the CIA personnel in JFK’s assassination cannot be ruled out, not based on the incomplete and tampered records that are public. The involvement of the Russian special services in the 2016 election is not based on evidence ginned up by the CIA, any more than the evidence of Russian tampering in the French election was. .

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