Oswald’s voice

“There’s quite a lot of recordings on him,” Webber said. “And each one contains a very different-sounding voice in its own way. So it was finding a middle ground with the different voices, ’cause I think he was always in some way playing a different part… That was part of the process of trying to figure out his voice: Learning the sounds and the shifts that Oswald had and the unusual inflections, then really trying to replicate that and spending hours each day just practicing.

Source: The ‘11.22.63’ star who plays Lee Harvey Oswald reveals what he learned about the JFK shooter -New Bedford, MA

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  1. Time Traveller Jake in 11/22/63 says “If anyone was running Oswald it was George De Mohrenschildt”.


    Jake takes an apartment across the street from Oswald & Marina to keep an eye on him as he is going to try to change the “alleged” terrible history.

    Robert Oswald makes an appearance and his resemblance to Oswald is uncanny.

    It basically follows the Official LN Story but I give King and the screenwriter credit for infusing the story with some of the doubts.

    It is fascinating to see what King does giving life to some of the players in the Assassination Story.

    We however know we cannot go back to 1959-63 as much as we would like to see an alternative scenario to 11/22/63.

    King wanted to write this story in 1971 but realized he needed to research it. So he has done his research.

    Interestingly, MSM has reviewed his book and the TV series.

  2. Curtis Lemay, George Wallace, Jackie Kennedy and Verna Oswald turn up later in 11/22/63.

    I have read the screenwriter for the TV Series was given free rein by Stephen King to let the doubts become part of the TV Series.

    Jake who is the main character and the Time Traveller goes back to 1959.

  3. I’ve read it was the screenwriter who changed the focus of the book and made it more of a question mark. She apparently expressed doubts about the official story after delving into the case for the screenplay.

  4. “Almost 40 years after his literary debut, Stephen King has taken on what might well be the root of modern American horror — the day a country learned that its worst nightmares really could come true, and that truth can be much scarier than fiction”

    It apparently took King 30 years of thinking about it to write the 11/22/63

    Now we have the TV series on Hula.

    The characters are all there Hosty, DeMohrenschildt, Edwin Walker and Malcolm Perry so what is King really saying here.

    He apparently believes the official story but he is telling a different story in the TV series & book.

    When was the last time a MSM American writer took up this subject.

    It is infused with doubts surrounding the Kennedy Mystery.

    It is a very different and interesting take on a difficult subject.

    Worth a look.

    A beautiful blast to the past. A 60s time capsule.

    Yes, the truth of what happened on November 22, 1963 is far scarrier than anything in a Stephen King novel.

    I really believe King has lots of doubt about the official story.

    I applaud his courage to take on the subject when he really doesnt have to except that he wants to have a say about the Ambush in Dealey Plaza.

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