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  1. Simmons set the stage for the general tone of the interview opening with (for a more delicate description) ‘guy talk’, so the interview questions and responses can hardly be analyzed as serious statements on Obama’s views on any topic … not his daughters (he has made similar comments in other interviews revealing – surprise surprise at their age – they consider him boring) and certainly not the assassination of a president and the related security questions. Taken in context, I think his reaction was casual, knee jerk scripted, and should not be taken seriously let alone translated as a key into his presidential responsibility for disclosing or withholding CIA files on the assassination. I think the interview is a non-starter; that doesn’t mean that Obama wasn’t in office in the lead up to the 50th for no reason at all, visiting Ireland the very month of the anniversary of Kennedy’s ’63 visit to Ireland in June prior to his murder in November.

  2. Geez let’s see. Worked for BIC, which has a known affiliation with The Company.
    Received a degree from Columbia even though hardly anyone remembers him being there. Was palsy with a former SDS leader who was likely an agent provocateur. Visited Pakistan due on the Soviet/Afghan war. Had a meteoric rise from state legislature to candidate for Prez in a pretty short period of time. Has been quoted as saying that The Company should get what it wants. Has supported mega data collection on citizens. Supports empire building and the war machine. Had Cass Sunstein a supporter of “cognitive infiltration” of conspiracy theorists groups working for his administration.

    Maybe it’s just me, after all I am what some call a conspiracy theorist, but his belittling of the question doesn’t surprise me at all.

    1. [Brian:]

      “Received a degree from Columbia even though hardly anyone remembers him being there. ”


      .. and Harvard, and taught at the University of Chicago.

      You Conservative folks have no respect for education and our universities, the best in the world, do you?

      1. Ramon, judging from the current situation the universities are raising a bunch of fools. Throw in the silly politically correct BS and we have a bunch of silly fools.

        What is to respect here?

        P.S. I have much respect for education.

        1. [My e-friend Bill:]
          “What is to respect here?”

          – NASA
          – GPS
          – Internet
          – Human Genome
          – Polio Vaccine
          – Interstate Highway System
          – Technicolor (as in MIT).
          – They did not sell out during WCR, HCSA, etc. See my posts about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:


          plus a very, very long etcetera. The fact that you Conservatives are pitching a terrible game and nobody (young, smart people) is buying what you sell is not my fault. 🙁

          1. These “young smart people” elected Obama twice. They will probably elect Hillary.

            They might be young my email friend but they damn sure are not smart. Now I won’t be here long enough to pay back the staggering debt we now have but these young smart kids will be. I doubt they feel so smart then.

      2. Conservative ???? LOL. I guess when there are only two colors to choose from everything is either red or blue. I’m about as far from being a conservative as I am from being a giraffe.

    2. Don’t forget that Obama and his mother and stepfather were in Indonesia in the later stages of the purge of Communists and ethnic Chinese. Mother worked for Ford Foundation (also connected to The Company). Stepfather admitted having lots of blood on his hands.

  3. It should be painfully obvious that every president (plus their close people), from Lyndon Johnson to Barack Obama know exactly what happened, with the details of the high level conspiracy.

    The sole exception?

    That would be Jimmy Carter, who upon being briefed was afflicted by an unusual syndrome: he was seen running around the Oval Office covering his eyes and ears, yelling “na, na, na, na, na!”.


    We can add to that list other people in-the-know such as Bill Gates, Ted Turner, lots of CIA personnel, etc., etc., etc.

    Jeff: In the GQ interview, Obama clearly stayed away and avoided the question, which corroborates one fact: JFK and Roswell are in different categories. Your headline is not accurate, it should read: “Obama is asked about the JFK files”.

    1. Actually Dan, The President is well briefed on the Open FBI investigation 302 Files and 301 intake information that is relevant. The Roswell Incident of the Airman flight Hopper and detoured Flying Tiger plane is a True story. It took off from DC are diverted to Love Field to pick a passenger in a Plane that left the Business airport and changed mid Flight to turn around and Land at Love Field after picking up the “Mechanic” the Plane went to Roswell NM AFB and then the Mechanic flew in a Private Plane to Winnipeg, The interviewer completely missed the sub reference. There is a You Tube Video abut the Airman and he was recently mentioned in a Very well selling Book.

      Willy Bova

  4. Bizzare. Obama does not answer the question and then trivializes the premise with Roswell and E.Ts.

    It likely doesn’t matter. I really doubt Obama could read such a file with comprehension unless he was already an expert on the subject. He simply would not have enough time. Could you imagine him drilling down on Mexico City, the idea is laughable.

    He is correct that the secret stuff currently is not so important, as 90% of what any analyst needs is open source while the policy people these days just do whatever the hell they want and make up reasons after.

    1. [Charles wrote:]

      “I really doubt Obama could read such a file with comprehension unless he was already an expert on the subject. He simply would not have enough time.”


      Charles, the same argument could (incorrectly) be made about almost any conceivable topic. That is the one reason many people want to be president: To have any question answered AT THE PRECISE DETAIL AND DEPTH (or lack thereof) as one desires.

      The head of the CIA, or any of his close confidants (*) told him:

      “Yup!! Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone were pretty much correct.”

      I am sure he is able to understand that, Charles.

      Depending on his level of JFK awareness, he asked:

      Q: “Where was Lee Oswald at the time of the shooting?”

      A: “Following precise instructions from David Atlee Phillips, on the second floor. He was forbidden from setting a foot outside the building”.

      Q: “Were Jack and Bobby aware of the plans to murder Fidel and perhaps others?”

      A: “Of course. They pretended not to know.”


      (*) Here’s an excellent test: go to Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod and ask them unexpectedly:

      “Hey!, How about that Kennedy thing?”

      If they pursue the conversation with interest: they were not informed. If they become hesitant, serious and avoid it, THEY KNOW.

      1. Ramon, I see your point. I was assumimg POTUS just looking at raw files. I would wonder (and doubt) if there is anyone at CIA who carries any institutional memory of the event. My guess is that they are now fumbling around with documents, trying to piece things together just like those on the outside.

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