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  1. There is nothing in the medical evidence which will exonerate Oswald. That Oswald did not have nitrates on his face is very good evidence that he did not fire a rifle that day. The medical evidence can tell you nothing about who pulled the trigger.

  2. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Oswald was impersonated on Saturday, September 28th, 1963, by phone (Silvia Duran was also impersonated in this phone call) and even in person, since the Oswald who came to the Soviet Embassy and talked to Kostikov and Yatskiov was psychologically far away from the Oswald that broke the news in Dallas. Then he was impersonated on Tuesday, October 1st, in two phone calls to the Soviet Embassy. In the last one, the impersonator revealed the name for the record (Lee Oswald),but since the phone calls from September 27 the CIA knew an American citizen was trying to get —by that time, illegally— an in-transit visa to Cuba in route to the Soviet Union.
    This case was not reported to Langley and the CIA General Inspector blatantly lied in his report about knowing Oswald visit to the Cuban Embassy after the assassination. BTW, neither Angleton nor Hoover could corroborate that Kostikov belonged to the KGB wet affairs team.

  3. As I have posted on Russ Baker’s article, we can now state unequivocally that Oswald was impersonated in Mexico City to make him look like a Communist agent to frame him as JFK’ killer. This single fact proves the conspiracy. (Peter Dale Scott) The medical evidence, which will be brought out in the mock trial coming up in Houston, proves that Oswald did not shoot Kennedy. Very simple.

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