2 thoughts on “Moles, Defectors, and Deceptions: James Angleton and His Influence on US Counterintelligence”

  1. is the cia allowed to subtract files from the national archives based on reconsideration and ‘second thoughts’? it would not be unlikely that mr robarge has had to cart away boxes to make sure that mr morley’s work did not pry loose things once considered beyond reach. mr robarge’s task is unenviable. it is unlikely that he has been given access to enough to be able to answe all questions. good compartmentalization would leave him unaware of this.

  2. Interesting how David Robarge attempts to discredit people who use Angleton’s middle name. Wow, that’s all he’s got in the tank (along with an unbelievable amount of naïveté) he should find a different one of work.

    And while he’s focused on minor items like attempting to discredit the use of pseudonyms or names like Kingfisher or Mother he doesn’t mention people who used those names in reference to Angleton like Mikes Copeland for one.

    Robarge would do well to forget the small stuff, take a deep breath and sit down with the released documents and discuss them with one John Newman if he’s unclear on what they say or intimate.

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