Marilyn Monroe’s final hours

I’m going to be watching this on April 27 on Netflix.

Sixty years ago, her death was ruled a “probable suicide,” but questions have persisted about the iconic actor’s relationships with JFK and RFK—and how they might have been exploited by the Mafia, the Soviet Union, and the FBI. New details from an updated investigative biography, soon to feature in a Netflix documentary, shed clarifying light on the turmoil swirling around Monroe on the last day of her life.

Source: Marilyn Monroe’s Final Hours: Nuke Fears, Mob Spies, and a Secret Kennedy Visitor | Vanity Fair

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  1. Lawrence P. Schnapf

    Anthony Summer’s book on J. Edgar Hoover has some interesting information about her final days as well.

  2. Richard Turnbull

    OK, you might also want to check out the article over at the kennedysandking website about an entire history of journalistic mythology that has tainted accounts of Marilyn Monroe’s death over the years. I read that, ,and then a linked article at Vanity Fair, it’s very educational.
    That process has provoked my already de rigeur skepticism about sensational alleged “romantic trysts” between JFK and/or RFK and Marilyn Monroe into high gear. Some of the precise claims, for example, have used dates and times that rendered them impossible (JFK or RFK not even in California, etc.) And there are seemingly unsourced claims in Tony Summers’ books as well. The statements in the body of his texts, in other words, are left hanging in space when one refers to the source notes.
    Caveat lector, reader beware, especially where JFK and anything linked to him or the assassination is concerned!

    1. Richard::Do you believe Robert Kennedy set it up for Marilyn Monroe to sing ( Happy Birthday dear or Mr.president) to John F. Kennedy at a party on his birthday, and Jackie Kennedy was so upset when she heard about it she did not attend. The T.V. station (THROUGH THE DECADES) showed live footage of it. I have it all recorded live. (THROUGH THE DECADES ) IS A RELIABLE SOURCE OF FACTS about J.F.K ,R.F.K.,M.L.K.,MALCOME X. AND.THE MAFIA. A few years ago it was hosted by Robert Stack,William Shratner and other honorable reporters It was a whole year of journalism which has to have some truth in it .I recorded it every day and a lot of research went into it. THANKS G.W.

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