3 thoughts on “‘Left-Wing Suspect Seized’”

  1. Patrick McDonald

    That offering on ebay is indicative of that generation dying out. My parents were historical magazine and newspapers savers and I did the same (anybody want the papers from 9/12/01?). But there value now is only on a time and place, don’t look back.

  2. Armaldo M. Fernandez

    After JFK died, immediately a guilty person appeared: a suspect who had been in the URSS and was identified as the chairman of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
    Before the assassination, an ex Marine re-defector from the URSS was openly doing pro Castro campaign in the States, visited both the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City, was detected by the CIA calling from or to these embassies about a visa to Cuba in order to go on to the URSS, and finally ignored as a security risk.

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