Do you know where the original Orville Nix JFK assassination film can be found?

Gayle Nix Jackson is looking for it. They call it the Nix film. It was taken by her grandfather Orville Nix on November 22, 1963 in Dallas.

What Jackson says is indisputably true.

“His film was the only film that shows the grassy knoll; that shows the assassination sequence; and then shows the afterword of the assassination sequence. It’s a very important film.”

The FBI took possession of the original version of the 8 millimeter home movie sequence  shortly after JFK’s assassination. The Bureau’s agents  also asked Nix for e camera that had taken the film.  Five months later, the FBI returned Nix’s camera in pieces, along with a copy of the film, not the original

The original Nix film has never been found.

If you know something about the Nix film contact JFK Facts or Gayle Nix Jackson.

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