The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates 

In 1960, the group was granted direct access to John F. Kennedy, filming him on the campaign trail and eventually in the Oval Office. This resulted in three films of remarkable, behind-closed-doors intimacy—Primary, Adventures on the New Frontier, and Crisis—and, following the president’s assassination, the poetic short Faces of November.

Source: The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates- The Criterion Collection (HT/ejc)

2 thoughts on “The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates ”

  1. This is terrific news. I’ve only seen “Crisis,” but it’s a must-see for anyone even remotely interested in the Kennedys. It shows the Kennedy brothers in probably their finest hour as a team, working together to defeat George Wallace. The shots of RFK at home and working in his office are absolutely priceless.

    “Adventures on the New Frontier” has long been unavailable, so its inclusion on this set is very welcome.

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