‘Judge Henderson’s well-reasoned dissent in this case puts me at odds with Kavanaugh’

Of recents news events, Rick writes:

“Although I support Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, I am greatly dismayed that he played this role denying Jeff Morley’s suit. The real culprit, as we all must admit, is the CIA itself which has been relentless in their perpetration of the coverup for over half a century. Judge Henderson’s well-reasoned dissent in this case puts me at odds with Kavanaugh on this most important historic subject.”

Rick goes on:

“As I’ve lamented in previous posts on this site, the CIA/FBI cabal has conspired for decades to prevent the truth from ever being exposed. They will never relent since their adamant refusals over the course of 55 years almost certainly, at least circumstancially, indicates their violation of their charters and law and is obvious to anyone that they are hiding a truth that is so sinister that it will never be permitted to be made public.”

“I’ve been a dedicated student and researcher of this crime since I was a junior in high school (I’m now 68) and I’m convinced that the Deep State, which most Americans are now becoming vaguely aware of, has been running and ruining this country for well on 70 years. My hope of the US government’s intelligence agencies ever coming clean on this matter have almost entirely evaporated long ago.”

“Thank God for those dedicated researchers, investigators and citizens who refuse to go quietly into the night. Keep up the fight Jeff and thank you.”

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