‘Judge Henderson’s well-reasoned dissent in this case puts me at odds with Kavanaugh’

Of recents news events, Rick writes:

“Although I support Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, I am greatly dismayed that he played this role denying Jeff Morley’s suit. The real culprit, as we all must admit, is the CIA itself which has been relentless in their perpetration of the coverup for over half a century. Judge Henderson’s well-reasoned dissent in this case puts me at odds with Kavanaugh on this most important historic subject.”

Rick goes on:

“As I’ve lamented in previous posts on this site, the CIA/FBI cabal has conspired for decades to prevent the truth from ever being exposed. They will never relent since their adamant refusals over the course of 55 years almost certainly, at least circumstancially, indicates their violation of their charters and law and is obvious to anyone that they are hiding a truth that is so sinister that it will never be permitted to be made public.”

“I’ve been a dedicated student and researcher of this crime since I was a junior in high school (I’m now 68) and I’m convinced that the Deep State, which most Americans are now becoming vaguely aware of, has been running and ruining this country for well on 70 years. My hope of the US government’s intelligence agencies ever coming clean on this matter have almost entirely evaporated long ago.”

“Thank God for those dedicated researchers, investigators and citizens who refuse to go quietly into the night. Keep up the fight Jeff and thank you.”

4 thoughts on “‘Judge Henderson’s well-reasoned dissent in this case puts me at odds with Kavanaugh’”

  1. I have just read Mr. Morley’s piece in The Intercept. I am like others dismayed and disappointed with this Judge on the basis of THIS decision because it relates to, and helps define, the single most devastating incident in American history – JFK’s murder.

    There is something unseemly reading an opinion by a tenured, 6 figured Government employee with health care and pension benefits, writing about how 15 years of working to clarify such an important historical fact isn’t worth paying for? Was THAT the intention of Congress – or was it as a shield against frivolous FOIA cases? Morley and Lesar are not frivolous people nor was their pursuit of information belonging to the”people” remotely frivolous.

    Should further appeals prove fruitless, release a press report that you will accept funding from the GoFundMe or some similar site. I will gladly contribute what I can.

  2. robert e williamson jr

    Mmmm! Rick supports Kavanaugh. So how does his logic work here? The DOJ has single-handedly, at the behest of lobbying from the out side, facilitated the wishes of CIA and stymied one FBI investigation after another. The mechanism has been used by lower courts to short circuit investigations. Many times with Hoovers secret blessings. Hoover was owned by CIA.

    Far too many current SCOTUS justices have been bought and paid for. The Citizens United ruling is killing the country and circus at the White house proves the damage that can be done. .

    I think Rick needs to take a much closer look at the bigger picture here. I agree with Rick about the deep state but with his position on the supreme court nominee I wonder about him being disingenuous. The deep state knows it must control the SCOTUS if they are to control the country. DOJ for the last 70 years has looked the other way and ignored evidence that would have revealed the misdeeds of CIA. The NUMEC case is the perfect example. I suggest Rick obtain a copy of Arthur B. Darling’s THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY , AN INSTRUMENT OF GOVERNMENT TO 1950, PENN STATE PRESS University Park and London.

    Allen Dulles and Robert Blum created the CIA, designed to benefit the super wealthy elitists, (SWETS).

    And there were the Kochs prodding and providing cash. Read Jane Mayer’s book, Dark Money you are going to be surprised my friend. Try page 104 for starters.
    Rick these people must be stopped they will never stop other wise. Your take that they will come clean of their volition is simply wishful thinking I’m afraid.

    Rick the DEEP STATE desires to control government, and the less government that exists the easier it is for them. There is an imbalance in our governments authority and it favor the SWETS.

    1. Robert Williamson, I never once suggested in any way “that they will come clean of their volition,” in fact, I clearly stated the opposite, that they will never relent and come clean—ever. I suggest you read that part of my comment more closely.
      I’m a staunch constitutionalist and support only those judges who are originalists and reject the notion of a “living Constitution.” The drift away from the Constitution’s original intent has gotten us largely into the mess we are in today. In that regard, Judge Kavanaugh generally fits that description. I’m not being at all disingenuous, I’m being politically and constitutionally pragmatic. Ironically, it was the Warren Court that became emblematic of judicial activism and the only check on that inclination is adherence to the Constitution as it is written, thus my support of originalist justices on The Court.
      However, I do agree with much of what you say regarding the Deep State and their desire to control it. This began in the post-war era as government became bigger, more powerful, more centralized, more abusive and more intrusive, under both parties, and it continues to this day. Your statement, “…and the less government that exists the easier it is for them,” is oxymoronic and contrary to actual history. Simply reference Eisenhower’s Farewell Address and his invocation of the growing menace of the “military-industrial complex.”

  3. Rick succinctly states the case as based on the dissenting comments of Judge Henderson…kudos to Jeff Morley and Jim Lesar for undertaking this decades-long task in the name of American citizens’ right to know…Morley — whose background is journalism including years at the Washington Post — makes us all proud of the media again. His work on the JFK mystery is the kind of work all American news people should have been tackling since 1963!
    Jeff is especially to be commended on his in-depth research into the career of CIA agent George Joannides and his recent biography of the enigmatic counter-intelligence specialist James Jesus Angleton

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