Jim Lehrer interviewed Oswald

“I went right to Oswald. ‘Did you kill the president?’”

The former PBS news anchor talked to the Daily Beast about covering JFK’s assassination as a young reporter.

“‘I didn’t kill anybody,’” he replied.

“I wrote that down,” Lehrer said.

Asked if he believed him, Lehrer said, “Not my job to be judge and jury.”

from Eleanor Clift’s ‘No Miranda Rule, No PR People’ in The Daily Beast.

4 thoughts on “Jim Lehrer interviewed Oswald”

  1. Who killed the president is important to know but even more important is WHO changed the condition of his head wounds between Dallas and Bethesda? That’s the real conspiracy, the REAL cover up!

  2. An alternative is that Oswald’s all-too-facile links to Communist governments (Kostikov, all of David Phillips’ assets in Mexico City) were there to prevent anyone from pushing the issue. The same people who would have pushed hardest for justice are the same people who would have wanted to avoid WW3. The Kostikov angle is another thing that destroys the lone nut myth… How could LHO the kooky ‘lone nut’ have possibly known who that guy was?

  3. It’s amazing how many journos made their careers from that day – Rather, Schieffer. MacNeil, Lehrer.

    Non-sequitur I know, but my overall impression of the assassination since I was a kid is that whoever did it really was trying to start a war against Cuba and the Russians. That seemed blatantly obvious to me. It seems to be what somebody wanted to happen or to let everyone think that’s what they wanted to happen.

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